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Rainbow 1 | Nana Plaza

The Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar is situated next to the Playskool gogo bar on the ground floor of Nana Plaza. There is an outside bar where you get a good view of the center of Nana Plaza.

Rainbow 1 LogoThe outside bar does have a good atmosphere when busy, you can just sit and watch what is going on around you or sit and talk to one of the hot chicks without being hassled by anyone.

When you enter Rainbow 1 you will notice it’s a good size and the dancers are attractive. On the dance floor there are 14 dancers several really know how to dance it does help that the music being played has a good beat.

The night I attended Rainbow 1 the demographic was about 80% Japanese. I did see 2 women get barfined and they where both westerners. No need to sit in the bar for these guys.

A beer was 165 which is on average for Nana Plaza. Next time I go in I will get the barfine prices.

As a group the Rainbow bars are well worth a look inside Rainbow 5 and the Twister Bar both on the second floor are really packing them in now.

Rainbow 1 is streets ahead of a bar like Sexy Night. They’re what you would hope for when you come to Bangkok on a holiday to experience a gogo bar.

Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar 6/10.

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