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Bargirl - Patpong Bangkok

Strolling through Patpong Night Market I turned into one of the small lanes only to be called by a girl sitting on a stool at SuperStar Bar next to their Go-Go Bar …. take my picture???……. Ok why not…… then I got the usual where you go? Ok she wanted me come over for a drink but I said only if you will answer my questions and let her know I had no intention barfining anyone she was so cool about it everything changed as she didn't have to work no games just relax and talk.

Bargirl Interview

You have boyfriend or husband?

No have No have !!!!

Ok HA HA do you have children

Yes boy him is 10

Oh so who is father Western or Thai?

Him is Thai but I no see 3 years no contact

Who look after him when you work?

My mum I stay with my sister in Bangkok

What part of Thailand are you from?

Udon you know where it is?

Yes I do. So how long have you worked here?

7 months

Cool so how much is a bar fine here and what it cost to be    with you?

500฿ bar fine…..short time 2000฿ all night 3000฿ but I not do all night because I have job in morning

Really what other job you do?

I sell t-shirts at market

How much you make sell t-shirts?

About 5000฿ a month

And how much you make at Bar?

6000฿ a month and what I get when go with customer

So how many customer you go with every month?

She's thinking now…… you mean every week?

No every month

Every month 10 only short time (so adding that up is 31000฿ a month with job in the morning)

When the act is finished you get out quick or hang around?

I look after, have shower make customer happy but after he cum I go, is for short time :)

You always use condom even with oral?

Yes I need look after myself

There was some Japanese guys being noisy in the bar next door so I had to ask. Have you ever been with a Japanese guy?

Yes (she doesn't know where I am going with this HA HA)

Mmmmm HA HA ok….. So how big are they? I have heard rumors…………….

She likes this question smiling cheekily then points at the neck of my Tiger Beer bottleand says:

About that big HA HA HA HA looking at bottle neck is about 4 inches then proceeds to show sizes with her hand Thai man looked about 5 inches and western looked about 6 inches HA HA HA

You have plenty of gold looking at the other girls here don't have any….. :)

Save then buy.

Mmmm So do you have a sponsor someone look after you send money every month? (With this much Gold I think she does)

No No no one I not that lucky she starts pray. My friend have she now stay home wait him come back.

Ok I need go now best of luck for tonight

You go with me short time?

No I need go

You I go long time (big smile)


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Good luck to her she has plenty of gold on show none of the other women had any on display and with her personality I can see why she would be high demand as she comes across not hardened like some of the bargirls I have come across.

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