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The first and only time I have ever been to one of the now famous Nanapong Dance Contests was at Soi Cowboys The Dollhouse Go-Go Bar in mid to late 2015. It was billed to be a dance off between Club Electric Blue and The Dollhouse. I must admit to being totally oblivious to what went on at one of these events. I wasn’t there for the early rounds so I can only guess it would have been more like what I was expecting in a dance contest, decent erotic go-go dancing.

But No!! I just happen to walk in when they were going for gold, FFS. I didn’t know a chick could piss 6 ft across a stage, I do now. One of the dancers must have been too hot as she was doing her best to shower in the surge of fluids. Wow really, now where to look? I take my eyes away from the golden shower show and witness one of the smaller dancers driving a medium sized d.ldo at warp 9 in and out, now for me that was pretty impressive, how could she top that? Well why not pull it out and do the same to the chick next to her, who just happened to be on all fours. At this stage of the dance contest there isn't much dancing if any at all, it was just a full blown sex show. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife as the crowd were getting right into what was happening on stage since most have had their fair share of drinks.

I could go on with a blow by blow description but that would be like spoiling a good movie. As you can tell it obviously was a pretty wild night out. There is a lot more to the night especially with the interaction with the dancers and the customers that are seated around the dancer floor. Nanapong is one of those events that if you’re lucky enough to be in Bangkok when one is being held, you just got to go in and check it out, it’s something you will talk about for a long time.

This brings me to the above event at The Dollhouse on Friday 8th July. All the usual suspects are there and with a first prize of 10000฿ the chicks will be really going for the top spot. As it says on the poster, “It Will Get Messy!!!” Although there is no mention of the title Nanapong, it will just be the same. I’m sure this is going to be a night to remember.

Walking along Soi Cowboy this week I was surprised with the dancers at DeJavu this week as it appears the A-team are on a break. The B-team still looked good but not as stunning as the A-team, no complaints. Lucky Star is a cool go-go bar and well worth a look inside. This week they had a couple of dancers out front who were relatively tall for Thai women. So if you’re after a bit of height in a woman then head on in.