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Bangkok's Best Bars

What are Bangkok's best bars right now not 6 months ago? Things can change quickly in any bar if management take their eye of the ball some bars will rise and some will fall but the best bars know when they’re on a winner therefore if it ain’t broke then leave it alone. A few gogo bars that advertise on this site are on the lists but that's just the way it is, no bias either way. So if you’re heading out for some fun at a gogo bar then in my opinion here are the best bars at Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Patpong.

Nana Plaza

The number 1 bar at Nana Plaza is Billboard Agogo Bar they have it all right now, a Jacuzzi filled with some gorgeous women who aren't shy coming forward and really are a happy bunch, just sit around the Jacuzzi and enjoy yourself. One thing I really like is between the Jacuzzi and the rotating dance floor which is packed full of attractive women is you can stand like in a night club and just talk with your friends whilst taking in all the eye candy. Over the last month I have been going in after 10 pm and it has been packed which really adds to the atmosphere…..

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