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Bangkok Nightlife Soi Cowboy

Bangkok Nightlife

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Here I’m minding my own business waiting for a Skytrain at the Nana BTS Station. It’s always best not to draw attention to yourself but an English guy talking to his girlfriend via Skype is doing just that. Here’s a movie I don’t The Dollhouse Bangkokwant to miss. Late 40’s wearing a shirt that is about to pop, this f.cker is only focused on her. “Look after yourself”, “enjoy yourself” then here it comes. (Wait for it!). F.ck me I’m starring full on at this guy and at his mobile screen, she’s obviously at a nightclub with all the flashing lights and it’s odds on that some other guy will get an easy f.ck tonight. This f.cker is more interested in watching the football and drinking than hanging out with his female companion … HAHA I can’t call her his girlfriend. You’ve go to be banging them consistently to get that title. Have a drink on me! Have a drink on me! These people love the drink so much that nothing will come between them having a night out drinking with other males. Full blown sponsors if they have a woman as a companion … HA HA F.me! Here she is mid to late 20’s and this loser is telling her to enjoy herself whilst out at a nightclub. What’s wrong with staying home banging then go out and have a bite to eat? He’ll love beer more than anything. Even banging chicks. Hard to believe but it’s true HA HA. I do enjoy walking by bars seeing like minded guys having a gay old time. I actually think as I walk-by “F.ck me look at these retards!” I got sidetracked there but think about it … F.ck chicks or hang out with guys? You don’t need to complicate things here. Just keep on banging!

Ruamchitt Hotel

Girlfriend downstairs (Thermae) Boyfriend Ladyboys out front.

I realize that here we go again hanging it on another English tourist. I don’t go looking for this sh.t but f.me I can’t just ignore it. For one it’s rampant but more importantly it’s all just too funny. Usually you’d have no idea where most people are from until they open their mouths. Then it’s f.ck me another one. I‘m sure I pass 100’s of normal Englishman as I wonder through Bangkok. It’s just that the dumb really do stand out in a crowd.

Back to the freak with the phone … Here is his moment of glory. He started to walk in a circle on the balls of his feet. HA HA F.ck it as I know what's coming. The phone is pointing to the sky as he begins to pucker his lips to one side … HA HA Then he comes out with … “I Love You!” HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA … Vomit! Now this nearly caused problems for me as I was leaning against a railing and I just involuntary spat over the edge, not a minor spit. Instantly I thought sh.t there’s people down there and had a quick check. Luckily it missed everyone. If this guy loved her (HA HA) he’d be by her side… Nah … Love! … Bullsh.t!

I love Pizza, Curry Laksa, Coffee, Banging, Walking. HA HA. You just got to come clean with what truly gets you going. The crap coming out of some guys mouths means they deserve being taken to the cleaners. I bet women get plenty of gold from these winners. I don’t want to hear ”It is a Thai custom to buy gold HA HA. It might be for Thai on Thai but a Western guy with a Thai woman … Get F.cked!

Once you start banging then it’s the United Nations. Let your balls drop and get her to sell her gold. Beats going to an ATM.

Now I’m not sure if I have told this brief story before but it fits with this topic. You’d think I’d spend the next 20 min’s sifting through previous articles to make sure. If my irk meter wouldn’t go through the roof I would have.

A while back I bumped into a guy (English) who I know. He was heading overseas early the next morning for 2 months. I just happened to say “I bet you’ll miss Thailand”. He pointed to where he stays and said “I’m going to miss my baby” HA HA that’s his wife. Now you’d think that’s normal but … No! He’s English and he loves to drink more than anything or anyone. Here it is approaching 8 pm so I asked where is he going? Since he will miss his baby wouldn't he want to spend his last few hours with her. His classic answer was … To a bar! HA HA. I could go on and on about this since it is rampant amongst a group of like minded people. I still say it’s gay … Talk to a guy or bang pussy? I just gotta be right.

Butterflies Bangkok Nana Plaza

Butterflies Gogo Bar | Nana Plaza

Tuesday Night at Nana Plaza the Twister Bar was just too hard to walk by. This gogo bar was packed and there were several lean gogo dancers with full back tattoos. You’d have to be crazy banging these chicks in the dark. Nothing is changing just now with the bars. The sh.t bars stay sh.t and the good bars stay good. The best bars to go find a woman for the night at Nana Plaza are:

Bangkok Bunnies


The Twister Bar

Billboard Bangkok

Diamonds Bangkok

The Enter Bar

With beer bars some nights the bar can be a real horror show. Just keep on walking until you find someone that interests you. It’s easy since the bars are open aired at the front. You can see video of this Friday night … Soi 4 Nana. The best beer bars on average along Nana Soi 4 if you’re up for an all nighter with a bargirl are:

Golden Beer Bar

Morning Night

Tiki Bar (Inside Nana Plaza)

Rest Hub 2

Angels 4

I have spent a bit of time in Pattaya of late. For me you can’t beat a city by the beach especially if your plan is to relax by day then let lose at night. There are a couple of New Videos on the YouTube Channel. Check them out:

Pattaya August 2018

Pattaya 5pm-7pm

The shot clock says times up therefore this’ll be brief … If you’re up for banging all night. When at Soi Cowboy you can’t go wrong hitting The Dollhouse. At Patpong then give the Thigh Bar or King’s Corner a go. Not King’s Corner 2 or you’ll be banging dudes!

Note: The first image is taken from Video.