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This past week I’ve been in Malaysia and came back into Thailand with 24 hours left on my 6 months Tourist Visa. For people that don't know with this Visa you can come and go as you please receiving a 60 day stamp with each entry. I have heard people say that you would want to have a few weeks left on the Visa before making your last entry. This is just scared people talking crap it’s so logical if your Visa is valid even with minutes to go then you’re entitled to another 60 day stamp, there is no grey area.

My plane had been delayed over an hour leaving Kuala Lumpur and I found myself standing in line at Bangkok's Don Mueang Airport waiting to go through immigration at 11:20 pm. The only thing that I was worried about whilst standing in the cue was would I make the last skytrain and not that my Tourist Visa was approaching the end of its life…..

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