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Bangkok Nightlife Soi Cowboy

Bangkok Nightlife

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The Worst!

I’ve been meaning to list what's is my opinion Bangkok’s Worst Gogo Bars for a while now. They might be other peoples favorites but for various reasons I get a bad vibe about these bars. No way would I want to spend anytime inside especially if I was a tourist. Lets start with a contradiction. Fanny’s Bar is one bar that I have had some of my best times inside over the past few years when visiting Soi Cowboy. I've been holding on to one of my many exploits within Fanny’s Bar. We aren't just going to hit the gutter with this one, we might sh.t in it. That’s for another Article since I do need to give plenty a time to pass before uploading this one. I could go for weeks taking a seat at Fanny’s Bar without a care in the world then out she walks. I don’t see her for months then she’s back. Straight away she will tell anyone that is interested that I like to take pictures of the women that are working within the Soi. The problem with this bright spark even after being told why I have a camera. She just thinks the images are for my own gratification just sitting at home looking at them on my computer … Mental! Therefore the life is sucked out of Fanny’s Bar when she’s around. Even the mood of the bargirls/dancers change when she decides to speak.

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Soi Cowboy at Dusk

I do like the Rawhide Gogo Bar for the women but for comfort the bar does need a refit. Anyone around 180 cm or above will have problems with the seating. This has and does put me off from going inside the Rawhide Bar of late. It’s all just too uncomfortable after only one drink.

The Lighthouse is another bar where things just don’t feel right. I’ve mentioned the patio bar before which just gives off a real gay feel. For me this is the last thing you want to feel when hitting a Soi Cowboy Gogo Bar. Sure you can barfine dancers inside but you aren’t going to find the level of action that you will find in other bars. Therefore why bother? I find that even hitting a bar like Spice Girls where you can’t barfine the dancers, you can get more action with these women on your lap than you can ever get at the Lighthouse … Juicy!

At Patpong no one in their right mind would follow one of the touts up those stairs to Supper Pussy. Whatever happens up there you deserve to pay whatever sized bill comes in your direction. When it comes to Patpong gogo bars it all comes down to do they have a crowd. None of the bars irk me since the ones that did have either had a change in management or are now closed.

Electic Blue Patpong

Electric Blue Patpong Soi 2 now the location of a Steakhouse

Just last week I spent sometime in Patpong and found that overall you can have a good night out. Just stick to bars that already have a crowd. When any bar lights up with a decent amount of people inside then head on in for some fun as you will get it in Patpong.

At Nana Plaza London Calling is a bit of a no fly zone for me. Of late the scowling of the hag when I take photo’s at Playskool is enough to put anyone off. Then we have the incident (Already written about) with the least tourist friendly over 40 bargirl that I have come across in my travels inside any Bangkok Bar. For me London Calling has a chance to be an above average bar with a bit of a clear out of some aging staff. Then there is the Mandarin Bars… F.ck me No! Give a guy a chance to have a good time. I do like some of the dancers inside but just try and have a good time. You’ll have to fend of the Mamasan, other dancers and her friends … F.ck! I’ve had a dancer on my lap and we are seconds away from having some fun, then bang an interruption, get back into it then bang another interruption. This has happened on more than one occasion where you just feel okay I’ll pay for my drinks and leave. For tourists these bars are just a waste of time.

Nana Plaza Bangkok

London Calling is located next to the Playskool GoGo Bar

As I said earlier these bars might be other peoples favorites but for me they just don’t do it. Any bar with a few tweaks here or there can flip for better or worse. For the most part I do try and ignore them, the draw of Fanny’s Bar when the scene is right can be hard to ignore.

On YouTube this week take a look at:

Patpong Soi’s 1 & 2

The Dollhouse Agogo Soi Cowboy

Sukhumvit Soi’s 21 & 23

I found it interesting on Thursday night as I entered Nana Plaza walking behind four guys who were all in their 50’s. Where would they go?They’re on a mission as they ride the escalator to Nana Plaza’s middle floor. These guys are fit therefore where ever they go gets more of an endorsement than if they where a group of obese males. Back on track I knew they wouldn’t hit the Mandarin Bars. I thought only one option the Twister Bar since there is no way they’re into ladyboys. To my surprise they went straight into Rainbow 4. I had a brief look inside and Rainbow 4 (5) which was busy albeit mainly with Japanese males. That said who cares as Rainbow 4 had a mean atmosphere which is a real bonus when visiting any gogo bar.

Nana Plaza has a really good feel to it of late especially since the new roof over the Plaza was finished. I use to feel a distinct lull during Low Season but not now as you can feel a buzz about the place as you enter.

Dollhouse Agogo Soi Cowboy

The Dollhouse Bangkok | A Very Cool Gogo Bar!

Even Soi Cowboy has had a real boost with the new and improved Country Road Bar now in full swing. The outside bar is always busy and with the change in lighting this gives that end of Soi Cowboy a boost. I thought it was too bright when I first saw Country Road all lit up just before they reopened. Now seeing it with a crowed and the large screens in operation, it all works.

At Patpong I’m still not convinced that going as big as they did at Kings Caste 1 is a winner just yet. It all appears a bit bright inside plus I do like an older bar feel. Even Kings Castle 2 looks a bit lost with that frontage. A bit of tweaking and they will be back on track. You can’t go wrong heading inside Kings Castle 2 if you’re after a big night of partying with women.