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Bangkok Nightlife Soi Cowboy

Bangkok Nightlife

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Thai Women 101

When cruising bars here in Bangkok you can get lucky and meet someone that you do genuinely click with, albeit in the beginning you payed for their company. You both decide it’s time to take it to the next level … Bang her for free or better yet they pay their fair share in expenses. I eluded to this in last weeks column. Her next level most likely will be you start buying gold HA HA. This is so easy to fix. Immediately bang them for what might possibly be the last time. Then it’s time to hit the nail right on the head and put her straight … No! If you want a laugh then say that you will get her a nice silver necklace HA HA. If she’s bad she’ll flip HA HA … Nice f.ck, now f.ck off!

Rio Club Soi Cowboy

Rio Club Dancers | Soi Cowboy Bangkok

All of this is so basic that it is hard to believe how many people are sucked into buying these women gold. When I look at Western guys with a Thai girlfriend or wife, if they are wearing no gold then they just look like a normal couple. If she has gold then he’s just being taken for a ride. I do ignore these people at all cost as there is nothing I could say that could sway them from the smell of her snatch. Oh the sweet smell at night means buy more gold by day. She’s just sucking him dry until he decides enough is enough then she will be off.

You need get it in your head that Thais and gold means something different than in the West. They have no emotional attachment to the necklace you buy. It’s just cash! This is an easy way to suck gullible males dry. If they asked for 5000 Baht you’d say “No” but ask for a 5000 Baht gold necklace then suckers will say “Yes”. Then it’ll be a ring, then a bracelet, then another necklace, the list just goes on and on. It’s best when you start a relationship with any Thai woman that they learn quickly that you will not buy gold or will you in anyway support their family. Oh sh.t now I’m going be sidetracked …….

The Dollhouse Soi CowboyThink about it. Any f.cker in their 50’s that needs to be supported by their adult children is just a lazy f.ck. What sort of a prick of a human do you have to be to even expect something back. Anyone who has children and does care for them will hope they move forward and thrive in life. Not these able bodied lazy people who are just holding their daughter back in such away that she needs go bang for a living. Think about it … She’s mid 20’s then her parents are more than likely just approaching 50. Barring illness how scummy do you have to be knowing where the money is coming from. These twits should be working looking after their own parents who if still alive will be in their 70’s … Pricks.

Once she’s moved in you will know she genuinely likes you once she starts selling her gold to help pay for her share of the bills. It ain’t all one way traffic when it comes to bills. Make it a mission to get all that gold sold off. Don’t forget some other guy would have been banging her to get that gold, therefore you don’t want that starring you in the face everyday. Now you will have a chance for a normal relationship. If she isn’t going to part with the gold then don’t be shy kicking these women out of your Condo. Thais will look at her bad. Here she’s with a Western guy and her gold will be on display from all her previous customers. They know where she’s from … HA HA.

In the end of the day you want to be with a modern woman in the way they think in regard to old outdated customs that were relevant in the past but not now. Times are a changing.

Under no circumstances hook up with any female that has a child here in Thailand. Don’t be stupid!  Just move on once you know they have children. No one is that good a f.ck that you want to be burdened with supporting another persons child. You get what you deserve if you don’t move on and find someone without these commitments. There are plenty of childless Thai women out there when you put having a child as a barrier. Make it a point to find out! Don’t be a schmuck! Once you find your childless girlfriend now it’s time to work on, we aren’t looking after your family. HA HA who said it would be easy.

Rain has been the name of the game here of late. From the heavy to the drizzle all night kind. As long as it’s not pouring the women aren’t phased about standing around holding an umbrella. I have been taking a bit more interest in the freelancers that hang out along Nana Soi 4. On occasions you do get women mid 20’s with bodies that are just begging to be taken for a spin.

Soi 4 Nana Freelancers

Soi 4 Nana Freelancers. Ladyboy on the left!

Wednesday night at Patpong was lively. I had walked down Soi Cowboy earlier and it felt quiet but not Patpong. The Kiss Bar in Patpong Soi 1 was busier than usual which was good to see. The older gogo bars do have a lot of character that is getting harder to find these days. At Nana Plaza, Sexy Night & Rainbow 3 do take you down that path. I had a strange happening as I walked along Patpong Soi 2 heading towards The Strip. The woman out front was pointing directly at me and talking in Thai. I’m clueless as I say “No” since it appears she’s just trying to drum up some business. Damn she wont give up as she starts pointing behind me … HA HA there’s a Taxi following from behind and she was just trying to let me know. Okay she was doing me a favor therefore I felt half committed to go in a get her a drink. But No! HA HA now the f.ckers ignoring me so since I was now right at the entrance of The Strip I had a quick look inside, quiet! I’m guessing she’s trying to keep it that way.

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Soi 4 Nana Bangkok 2018

The bars that pop-up near the Soi 21 entrance to Soi Cowboy weren't there on Friday night. This gave off a weird vibe as I approached Soi Cowboy. You just knew something was missing. One ladyboy out front of the Midnite Bar had more on show more than I wanted to see. I’m happy enough seeing a full set of buttocks on a female, but a guy … I’ll give that a miss.

Note: All images this week are taken from Video.