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Songkran 2018

By the time I hit the bars at Soi Cowboy the only sign of a good old Songkran water fight had all but evaporated. There were still people carrying water guns but no one was taking a pop at anyone. It all felt a bit strange since Songkran is supposed to be a water festival. It’s just after 10 pm which is still early for the bar scene therefore I would have expected to see some sort of water throwing. At Nana Plaza people were milling around with their water guns but again no action. The center of Nana Plaza was wet since with the roof on it will take a lot longer to evaporate. Onething I’m not going to do is turn up early to play like child at any of these locations. If you just can’t control yourself and you want to get some water action late on then Silom Road is the place to be. Just cruise up and down and get your jollies.

Nana Plaza Songkran 2018

Nana Plaza Songkran 2018

Soi 4 Nana felt the best since you did see some minor water throwing and a few of the beer bars had a real party feel to them. The spot to be was the Golden Beer Bar. The women were charged and in full party mode. What else could you ask for? Buy her one drink then hit your hotel room and celebrate Songkran by getting wet between the sheets. Fuck it! Do her in the shower, it’s more fun than playing with a water pistol … Now there’s a water festival.

The Songkran water throwing lasts for three days. Where I stay I was returning back from 7/11 at around 8 pm when I noticed 5 Western males ranging from 25 to 30 years hanging around by the entrance with one female. There they are holding there water guns in one hand and a large bottle of Chang Beer in the other. At least one guys got a woman so he’s okay but the rest. Really is that how you get off? One of the guys was heading back to his room so I just had to have a chat. Their night is just starting … Party Time! They are going to hang out front and up in their rooms drinking. Up down, up down, up down. Not in out, in out, in out. This did spin me out as I remember my 20’s. I’d be banging for hours not hanging with guys.

It all doesn’t make sense how males of this age and who are single don’t go out to at least try and hook up with a woman. There are chicks out there that are busting to get laid and the only way you will find them is by going out. I’d rather go out and pay for it than hang with guys drinking without the prospect of getting on with a woman. There's nothing wrong with hanging out at Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy or Patpong with your mates when at anytime you can decide to barfine a woman. Then it’s see you later. You gotta have the option or it all just seems to be a bit too gay. You’re better off coming out of the closet. It’s mainly the 25 to 30 age group. More than a few of these guys don’t know how to move on from the initially chatting with a woman to banging them. They need understand that women want it …  HA HA Fuck! Imagine not realizing that.

Soi Cowboy Bangkok 2018

Soi Cowboy Songkran 2018

One of the biggest drawbacks from Songkran is that many and I mean a lot of the bargirls/gogo dancers head back to their hometowns during this period. You will therefore see a few overweight dancers out front and inside some of the bars. There is still plenty of hot dancers around … Just less. During the day Bangkok can feel eerily quiet as you go about your daily tasks. I like a city to be packed with noise and life although I don’t want to talk to any f.cker. This would be the main reason I’m not a fan of Songkran as Bangkok can feel to me like a ghost town. If you want to see what I saw of Songkran after 10 pm then see it here … Songkran 2018.

On Saturday Night at Nana Plaza I dropped into two bars and both didn’t disappoint. First up was Playskool and these chicks were ready to party. Someone must have been in earlier and partied big time. What about a bonus for anyone who was up for it. They dancers were already half charged and ready to go. At Butterflies the dancers looked stunning in their fluorescent bikini’s. With both dance floors in operation and throw in the Jacuzzi. Butterflies was rocking.

At Soi Cowboy I have noticed for a few weeks now that the Spice Girls Gogo Bar has had ladyboys wearing black skirts out front mixed with the gogo dancers. At Cowboy 2 I haven’t noticed any ladyboys wearing tartan skirts out front of late. The tartan skirt brigade have all been women. The Dollhouse patio bar will have a bit of maintenance over the coming weeks. As you can see by the picture below the gogo bar is in full swing. The Dollhouse is definitely the spot to be when visiting Soi Cowboy.

The Dollhouse Bangkok

The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy on Thursday Night (Image from Video)

Thursday night at Patpong most of the gogo bars were doing well. The Strip was quiet albeit the dancers out front looked good. Another quiet bar was Black Pagoda where again the dancers looked decent enough therefore both these bars should be attracting more customers. It was of no surprise that the Shark Bar in Patpong had closed. Poorly designed, high drink prices and the initial group of dancers in nappy like pants meant customers first impressions weren't good. The bright side was the outside Terrace Bar which did attract people during the high season. The Terrace Bar has remained open. I’m not sure on the theme just yet as all I saw was a few Western couples and guys hanging with guys … Not my scene! I’ve heard from locals that at this location a decade ago there was a McDonalds and it failed! Whoever try's to make a business here is moving sh.t up a hill without a shovel. Being an open aired bar with a busy road out front the car fumes will be a bit of a turn off for customers within the outside bar.

Have a look at the Kings Castle 1 new design … This gogo bar is going to rock! The image doesn’t show all as to the left you have a mirror version of the right of the dance floor. The owners here are smart as you can see there has been a lot of thought gone into the design of this bar … It’s unique!

Kings Castle Patpong

Kings Castle 1 Patpong Construction

The best bars in Patpong right now are:

Glamour Gogo Bar

Kings Castle 2

Pink Panther

Bada Bing

Obviously when Kings Castle 1 returns to their now under construction bar they will rocket back to the top. Patpong has plenty of options when it comes to gogo bars. The Thigh Bar, Kings Corner, the Kiss Bar are all worth a look. Superstars is another cool bar but wait until they are busy before entering. Then you should have pisser night out.

Smooci Bangkok