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Old School Bars

If you want to talk about the bars with any authority then you really have to hit them hard. By that I’m not talking about hitting the piss. You’ve got to spend at least an hour or more with a bargirl/dancer to really get to know the true nature of the bar. Is this place a dud or not? Only once I sensed the bar was well run and the women were keen to have a good time did I hit the bar to the max. Some bars it only took 30 min's to find out that they’re a Dud!! With several good looking coyote dancers that are better of getting a job as a mannequin you couldn't pay your bill quick enough and leave. The problem with these bars you still need spend a bit of cash before you realize how bad they are.

I know at least 10+ bars here in Bangkok were you you can have a mind blowing good time. After a year and a half of research … yeah right… I didn’t know it at the time but it was something that had to be done to have any real idea how the bars are run/operate here in Bangkok. I got to see what works and what doesn't and it was a recurring theme of why some bars are so good and some are not. It only takes a bar hiring one wrong person who has any power within the establishment then the bar is doomed…..

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