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Bangkok Nightlife Soi Cowboy

Bangkok Nightlife

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The past few weeks have been interesting since I have been to Pattaya on more than one occasion. Therefore I got to see firsthand on how things stack up when it comes to locations. When it comes to bars it is hard to keep the momentum going for the whole week. One bar can and that is Billboard Bangkok which is located on the top floor of Nana Plaza. You could walk into Nana Plaza and think things are quiet. Then you set foot into Billboard and realize this is where the majority of people are. The Twister Bar can pull it off but not to the extent of Billboard.

Out front of Billboard Bangkok

Out front of Billboard Bangkok.

When in Bangkok, Patpong can be the place to be early on in the week. The Night Market generates a decent atmosphere and you’ll find out that the majority of gogo bars have a good group of dancers inside. Throw in a couple of live band venues then before you know it you’ll be having a good time. At Soi Cowboy unless your plan is to go into a specific bar then Soi Cowboy can feel a bit flat early on in the week. The same can be said about Nana Plaza for this time of year but not Soi 4. Nana Soi 4 can pull a good crowd on any night of the week. Of course once it’s a Friday or Saturday night then Nana Plaza can be really pumping. Soi Cowboy will be full with a mix of tourists and expats. Just stay away from the expat bars if you want to have a good time. These bars are easy to spot since they will be the bars with mainly males out front bonding … Sh.t!

I was surprised with Pattaya in regard of where to go on Friday or Saturday Nights. Soi 6 Pattaya on both nights was very consistent. If you’re after a bargirl for the night then these women will latch on and not let go. This isn’t a problem if your plan is to get laid but if you’re are after a quiet drink then forget about it. I had a woman jump on me at LA LA Land. F.. me sexy but she was already pissed to an extent that you just knew there would be problems down the line. Pattaya Soi 6 is a lot of fun, just dodge the too keen bargirls. You should be able to find someone to hangout with for a few drinks. Then it’s time to head on off and hopefully bang all night.

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Sukhumvit Nightlife Bangkok

 From Soi 4 Nana to Soi Cowboy during Halloween.

LK Metro Pattaya

 Take a look at Soi LK Metro and the surrounding area on a Saturday Night (Midnight).

Soi 4 Nana (Low Season)

Sukhumvit Soi 4 Nana still delivers during low season.

Pattaya Beach Road & Soi 6

See freelancers along Beach Road. Also check out Soi 6 Pattaya at Midnight and 4:30am.

Walking Street Pattaya Midnight - 2am

Friday night in Walking Street Pattaya. Women, women, women and then more women!

Walking Street Pattaya on a Friday Night is the place to be. Not for the gogo bars but for the freelancers that line Walking Street. Keep the price down by trying not to pay anymore than 1000 Baht. Play it cool and you’ll get more bang for your buck. Next up is the regular woman who are heading to the nightclubs. F.mee it’s a non-stop progression of pussy. If you’re not obese and do hit the gym a few nights a week then you have hit the mother load. The obese can hit the gogo bars for attention as you wont get it from these women. Take a look at the video of Walking Street. Sure there are plenty of good looking gogo dancers but for me the women cruising up and down Walking Street is where the fun is at.

Now you’d thing that Walking Street would be the place to be on a Saturday Night, but No! Soi LK Metro takes that honor and the place to hang is in or around the Billabong Bar. Here you have women surrounding the outside of the bar. Just take your pick then have a pisser night out. There is a cool party atmosphere within Soi LK Metro. I didn’t spot any negativity coming from anyone working within the Soi. You can drop into Soi 13 for a bite to eat or hit Soi Buakhao to hit a beer bar or 2. Soi Buakhao is where you will find a couple of ladyboy bars if that’s your poison.

Soi Diamond Pattaya

Grab a bite to eat within Soi Diamond, Pattaya.

Walking Street Pattaya was way down on Saturday night especially with the gogo bars lacking appeal for me after hanging with a few women in the nightclubs. Don’t get me wrong as there are still plenty of super hot women within the gogo bars. It doesn’t help with the stupid negativity brought on by two bars at the start of Walking Street. Both Skyfall and Taboo are so backward in their thinking when it comes to tourists taking photos. Head up the rest of Walking Street and you have no problems. These women aren't that special although they do give off an air that they think they are. I”d almost guarantee that they would end up being dry lifeless f.cks. Therefore why go in? Really I can’t think of one good reason. If you’re hell bent on banging a gogo dancer then try Wildcats, Happy Agogo, Sugarbaby or The Windmill Club as these chicks will do you good … Juicy Fruit!

There are plenty of Freelancers all along Beach Road with many perched on a motorbike either doing their make-up, looking at their phone or just striking a pose. Indian guys like to approach freelancers in numbers asking about prices. I have yet to see a woman leave with any of these guys in either Soi 4 Nana or Beach Road Pattaya. Talking of Nana Soi 4, I was approached by one of the freelancers that does sign language whilst I was standing within the Nana Hotel Carpark. I tried to brush her aside since I wasn’t interested in banging a freelancer that night. She was friendly enough and wanted me to read a message on her phone, which I did. “Hello I am deaf mute. Do you want to f.ck me?” HA HA If you ask like that then the answer is “yes!” … But I’m not going to pay for it.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would go in and check on the Erotica GoGo Bar within Nana Plaza since they finally had a beer promotion that I was into … “Tiger Beer.” Since then the beer promotion is “Chang Beer 135 Baht” … No Thanks!