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Bangkok Nightlife Soi Cowboy

Bangkok Nightlife

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After flying halfway around the world it’s always good arriving back into Bangkok. My favorite Airline is Emirates followed by KLM, unfortunately due to the time of year that I traveled both Airlines ticket prices were 20 to 30% more than that of British Airways. Their airplane was aging and the small entertainment screens are to be seen to be believed, overall the service of the staff made up for any other short comings. The meals were good although it does help if you choose correctly. Once I was seated on the Airport Link Train I got to see how hot Thai women are compared to most in the West. For 4 weeks in the UK it was rare to see any woman late 20’s up that you’d want to look at whilst hitting a High Street. There are lard arsed women wearing shorts pulled so far up that their massive unattractive bum cheeks are on full show. It really is off putting.

Walking down Sukhumvit Soi 23 past the Twins Bar I noticed a bargirl standing inside with one of the hottest bodies I have seen in a long time. Four weeks to be exact out of Thailand. Here she is mid 20’s wearing skintight denim shorts that couldn't be pulled up any higher. She definitely looked too good to be working in a beer bar. I continued walking until I reached the entrance to Soi Cowboy. I thought it this chicks stuck in my head. Before I knew it we are having a drink and she has planted herself between my legs. I just had to run my hand down to those firm buttocks otherwise I couldn't think straight. I’m now more interested in her story as to why she is working in a beer bar and not at a gogo bar. I let her know this and she was happy enough to tell all.

She came to Bangkok to live with her sister who she then pointed at. HA HA. Her sister is at least ten years older and would have pushed out a couple of kids. I noticed fairly early that she was clueless. She could make plenty more dancing within a gogo bar especially with her body. She would look awesome within the Billboard Bangkok Jacuzzi. She let me know that over the past week there is a guy who comes in at around 10 pm and barfines her shortly afterwards. I looked at my watch and it was just after 10 now. I looked at my watch and it was just after 10 now.

Twins Bar Sukhumvit Soi 23

Twins Bar Sukhumvit Soi 23

For some reason our conversation got onto blowjobs. I asked do you get guys to wear a condom whilst sucking their dick … She said No! I said that can be a bit risky. She looked a bit shocked as she said “Why? … I’m clean” HA HA. it, tell it straight. Some guy has just banged a ladyboy up the ass now he’s after a bit of bareback dick sucking from a semi clueless bargirl. She’ll be right though … She’s clean. In a round about way I let her know this and you could see her cogs turning since she had a worried look on her face. I had to ask. “Do they wear a condom when you have sex with them?” The answer was “yes I need look after myself.” You could see she was still thinking about the bareback blowjobs.

We got onto what are her plans for the future by working as a bargirl. She went onto explain that she would like to work until she was in here late 30’s then marry a Western guy. F… me that’s flawed. Looking over at her sister, there’s her future. A soft saggy body that no sober man would want. Right now she’s at her prime and if she is ever going to bag someone then it is now. Again she is clueless since she is being influenced to follow her sisters career path. I gave her my opinion. At least the seed has been planted rather than just following a path of self destruction.

During all this her customer of this week arrived and took a seat at the rear of the bar whilst waiting for her to finish chatting with me… I do find that slightly amusing. She whispered to me “that’s him” when he entered. Now not to appear to be a dickhead since her new man was watching. I did run my hand up the back of her leg then grabbed her firm butt as we were saying our goodbyes. She was too fine just to walk away without one last form of physical contact.

The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy 2018

The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy

This week on YouTube there are a couple of new videos. One from Bangkok Bunnies and the other from The Dollhouse. Just hit the links and before you know it … You’re in Bangkok!

All the images this week have been taken from video which means they’re at a lower resolution that you would get from a still image. The camera I use can take video at 60 fps therefore you can choose from 60 images every second of video. That’s what I did with the above Dollhouse image which has then been cropped down from 1920x1080.

Country Road Bar Soi Cowboy

Country Road Bar | Soi Cowboy

I walked around to the Country Road Bar entrance of Soi Cowboy and was amazed at how much brighter that section is compared to a month ago. The Corner Bar now looks a bit run down compared to the brand spanking new Country Road Bar. Strangely the Rawhide dancers have been absent from standing within the Soi on both nights I was at Soi Cowboy this week. I stopped out front of Jungle Jim’s or should I say I was stopped by one of the older bargirls (50’s).  I get the general polite chit chat with them telling me how quiet it is (Thursday Night). I then looked over at group of four younger dancers with confused looks on their faces since no one is paying them any attention. Next to the four sad sacks were two bargirls (early 30’s) … again staring but this time one of them had me written all over her face. I know a bit fun when I see it and I could just tell that this chick was toned under that dress. Damn these bars are so good when they are quiet. By these bars I mean … Jungle Jim’s, Moonshine Joint, Fanny’s Bar and the Toy Bar. If they were in anyway busy then she would have already been gone, which meant I would have never headed inside for some fun..

Soi 4 Nana was its usual self … Lively! The Rest Hub 2 Bar was the place to be. Thai music was belting out which meant that several of the bargirls were in jungle mode. Dancing like only the girls from the country know how. It’s like freelancer central as I walk along Soi 4. The pickings aren’t thin either with plenty in the “Yeah I’d bang that category”. Just like Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza was quieter than usual. The busiest two bars when I was out and about were Billboard and Diamonds Bangkok. Of the rest the Twister Bar, Bangkok Bunnies, Butterflies, Spanky’s and the Rainbow Bar were all lively enough.

At Angelwitch I have noticed that more than a few of the dancers are a bit older than at most of the other gogo bars. This is a positive as these women look fit. At the end of the day I’d say you get more bang for your buck from a woman in her 30’s. Just like the meal on British Airways it’s all about choosing right.