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Keep it Clean

I have been trying to rein in the theme that has brewing within most of the articles this year. Just let me go out one night without a story landing in my lap. For some reason where ever I go the freaky or a rarity just happens to be transpiring in front of me. No more f…me’s, me or talking about snatches etc. This family free version is an attempt to change direction for the better showing the brighter side of Bangkok Bars. A trip to Soi Cowboy early in the week should be interesting since I don’t have a care in the world. I just plan to have a couple of drinks outside at Jungle Jim’s then wonder over to Nana Plaza. This should go well.

When I arrived at Jungle Jim’s there are a few dancers in green uniforms and a few coyote in white pants outside. I ignore all the women as I’m just here to relax. A guy who was well into his 60’s struck up a conversation and he ended up being very interesting to talk with. He really did know his way around a gogo bar. The Dollhouse is in full view from Jungle Jim’s and the dancer out front was doing a fine job. Watching her did put a few ideas in my head. This guy decides to head off to the Five Star Bar as the word is the dancers are getting naked. None of that for me tonight as I’m keeping it clean.

Jungle Jim's Soi Cowboy

Jungle Jim’s Dancers

A dancer out front noticed I had a camera so she asked if I could take her picture (above). I let her know that she will end up on the Internet before I took the snap. She couldn't careless. I was more interested in getting the picture of the dancer with the pink top. Her body is so fine!

Out walk a couple of dancers mid 20’s that I have never seen before. The women in the picture now went inside to dance. One of the new dancers was super hot but it was the other one that came over to chat. She looked good and was tall which is a bonus. What could go wrong if I buy her a drink? She’s got the green uniform on which means 100 Baht for a lady drink. For the Coyote dancers a drink costs 200 Baht. Once the drinks arrive I let her know that we will go inside.

Nah … No way! Here we go as all my good intension's are thrown out the window. me there is no warning sign on the front door. The timing has to be right to witness this shit. I’ll get to it soon.

I didn’t notice anything within the bar when I first walked in since I was staring at her butt. I sat on a stool by the bar. This woman is hot and she wasted no time resting her main asset, her Ass! Snuggly against my groin. I’m still holding this all together until she decided to have a good fondle of my groin. Ohhh fuck it! Those tits look too good not to be sucked. Mmm small nipples on above average breasts don’t do much for me. Her butt did though … Oh yeah firm! My eyes wonder as I am massaging her buttocks and sucking on her neck gently. There it is! … A cracked open clam for all to see just as a bargirl gets up ungracefully from the bench seat … Fuck we are going to the gutter!

She is completely naked under her robe which is open at the front … Shit Hot! Her breasts are large … Shit Hot! You can tell she’s aroused … Again Shit Hot! She is totally oblivious to her surroundings as she went and got a bottle of beer for her customer. As she got back into position on the bench seat she was on all fours for a few seconds … that snatch looked wet and loose. I’m not sure if I saw an arm or a donkey dick when I looked over. Either way I can tell those piss flaps have already had a good workout. HA HA. She pulled her robe over her body and snuggled into his body like a turtle so we could see nothing.

In the meantime in walks the other dancer who was outside. She’s with a Japanese guy who takes a seat on the bench seat. F… me she gets straight on his lap. His hands are gripping hard on here butt as they embrace. My chicks got nothing on these other two women. She’s is hot and all but you can tell she has a shy personality. The other dancer isn’t shy … She is a machine! She has now pulled her breasts out just inviting him to have a play. This guys no fool as he doesn’t waste a second getting his face in there … Damn!

I didn’t follow my own rule of not letting dancers/bargirls choose me. I had let my guard down outside by letting this woman choose me. Normally I would have flogged her of then and there. I then would’ve taken my time before asking someone over for a drink. I would have definitely chosen the other woman that the Japanese guy is partying with now. Not to quibble though as she does feel all woman and does like being held close.

Before long donkey dick is seated near me. I hope that was an arm I saw. His bargirl for the night is over by the cashier getting his bill ready. Her robe is again open with everything on show. She came back and his bill comes to 2200 Baht HA HA. He looks at me I just said “expensive.” What else could I say. A hand job goes for 500 Baht, a drink for her is 100 Baht and he had a couple of beers at 120 Baht each. He must have went up a few notches in services provided. He paid and that was when she became aware of her surroundings and like a switch yelled out my name … Fuck me dont draw attention to me.

She pulled up her robe up and backed up to this guys groin. She’s bending forward her large breasts look so good as we have a conversation. She’s grinding this guy ever so slowly. He just sat there sipping his beer. I let her know my chicks too shy. I told her to tell her to do what you are doing. It did get pretty erotic there for a while. I held onto her large mid 20’s woman's breast whilst she is slowly rotating her ass on my groin as I am staring at the other chicks breasts. The killer for me was when I looked over and saw how awesome that other woman looked. The Japanese guy was having the time of his life … That should’ve been me. I finished my drink and made my exit thinking what a night this could’ve been.

The crane has gone from the center of Nana Plaza but the barriers are still in place where the Nana Beer Garden was. The next stage is a bit of a slow process. You can’t rush this stuff. The Rainbow Bar patio bar is all but finished. Along with the Playskool renovations this makes this side of the ground floor to look good. All we need is for the bars on the corners to follow suit.

Kings Castle 1 Patpong Construction

Kings Castle 1 Patpong Construction

They really are going the whole hog with the Kings Castle 1 construction. The bar has been gutted as well as the beer bar that was next door. Kings Castle 1 is going to be big. In the image above the bar extends several meters to the right which will easily double the capacity of the bar. As construction continues it does have a flat feel as you pass this section of Patpong.

If you’re at Patpong then one of the hottest bars just now is Glamour. The music is good, there is an atmosphere plus more importantly they have a cool group of gogo dancers that aren’t shy about showing you a good time. Glamour is easy to find as they are located within Patpong Soi 2 opposite Foodland. I still have to finish the review for Glamour which should be up soon enough. Glamour is a gogo bar that is well worth spending some time inside. The dancers are ready to party!

Glamour Patpong

Glamour Gogo Bar | Patpong 2

Some gogo bars are doing it hard just now within Patpong. Black Pagoda is one such bar. When I looked up at the bridge across Patpong Soi 2. I never saw any dancers hanging off poles at 10:45 pm on Friday night. That’s not normal. I was surprised to see the Thigh Bar quieter than usual especially since this a bar where you can really let loose. That Safari Bar was quiet but that can be normal. The Safari Bar can surprise on occasions. When they do light up people generally do have a good time. I do have plenty more to write but unfortunately times up.