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Bangkok Nightlife Soi Cowboy

Bangkok Nightlife

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Busting For A …

I’m always in the mood for a good bang but to write about it then that’s another story. This week the plan was to hit the gutter with a few stories albeit not too much banging. Now that it’s midweek my mood has swung therefore they can wait. I go on and on and on and on about the disbelief at the amount of food a large number of gogo dancers consume on any given night. There are dancers at many gogo bars that look shit hot, fit, and toned. These women don’t hoe into food during work hours. Take a look at the image below of a dancer from a photo shoot at Billboard of dancers from both Billboard and Butterflies gogo bars. Now for me there is no question this is the level of physical hotness that I would want to hook up with on a trip to Bangkok.

Billboard Nana Plaza

Billboard Bangkok | Nana Plaza

Last week at Soi Cowboy the Penny Black dancers or should I say the chicks that work at Penny Black were up for a photo. The woman on the left is well toned and would look super hot sitting on anyone's lap. Front and center now we have a woman who looks like she is busting for a sh.t! That’s one too many noodle soups backed up in that bloated stomach. Get that girl a shitter and a hose. Oh talk about a risky barfine. Halfway through banging she’ll dry up. Her whole concentration will be going into keeping her sphincter shut. She might hit the toilet first and exit a few kilos lighter. Now she’s up for it but now you aren’t! The sound of her destroying a toilet has dampened the mood or even just the thought of banging isn’t an option. Risky, risky, risky, risky unless you couldn’t give a shit.

I do like women with a bit of meat on them occasionally. It’s not all about slim toned women. Take away the bloated stomach then in my eyes now we have a hot woman. This is where commonsense comes in when it comes to dancers eating habits. They need remember what profession they’re in. You’d think most people would be self conscious enough that if they were going to wear a bikini at work that they would eat smaller portions. Managers at bars should tell the dancers to eat sensibly whilst at work.

Penny Black Soi Cowboy

Penny Black Soi Cowboy

I was surprised to see that the Twister Bar had meals lined up for their dancers. The good news is these appear to be smaller lighter meals with rice rather than the full blown noodle soups packed with chili. Therefore at the Twister Bar you won’t have to worry about a gurgling stomach if you do barfine one of the dancers. I’ve been going on about this for a while. My first review of Candy Land 2 (Now Closed) was negative since their dancers were more interested in eating rather than f…ing. It would have been a sh.t f.ck in more ways than one, think about it! The point of all this is … Do yourself a favor and don’t barfine any woman that you know has a full stomach. They aren’t going to give you the experience that you were hoping for when you planned your trip to Bangkok.

One bar that has been flying under most peoples radar is The Rainbow Bar which is located next to Playskool. A reason they’re doing well is they have a higher percentage of dancers with hot bodies than other bars their size. There are a couple of bars where half the dancers should be working in a beer bar rather than being allowed to get up on a dance floor. The problem with this is when the best looking dancers get barfined then the bar can and does look … Poor! Once customers go in and see the state of some of the dancers on stage then they won’t be back. I’m talking nearing 40 with a pot belly. This is why these bars are quiet! … For some 1+1=3.

For those that are into ladyboys I have been chatting with a handful at the Temptations Ladyboy Bar on the middle floor of Nana Plaza. They were complaining about over the past week that they have been so quiet. These ladyboys are pleasant enough and do look better than many of their counter parts at other bars. If you’re into ladyboys then check out Temptations!

Charades Nana Plaza

Charades Ladyboy Bar | Nana Plaza

On the top floor of Nana Plaza is Charades where at times can be an overly busy ladyboy bar. I stood in amazement this week as one of the most masculine ladyboys exited holding hands with not just any guy … but a mans man … HA HA. There she is with her little bag that is packed with condoms and lube dragging him along to one of the short time hotels within Nana Plaza. You can only imagine what this guy is in for since he appears overly drunk. He’ll transform in a short time from a mans man to a guy who walks like he has a carrot shoved up his … Arse!