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Bangkok Nightlife Soi Cowboy

Bangkok Nightlife

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Warning! Anyone that is easily offended about banging women … Then Don’t Read On!

It’s Friday night therefore I might as well take a bargirl for a spin. She has to have a certain freshness about her and more importantly wants to get laid. Not by just anyone, but by me. Two drinks should do it. I’ve made a point of toning the articles down a bit of late, but not this one. I arrive at the K&S Bar which is located within Nana Soi 4. The odds of me finding a woman that I would even consider banging let alone pay for, should be remote. First off I want to take a few pictures of the freelancers opposite. I will more than likely then move on to the Golden Beer Bar where if all the stars are aligned, you might possibly get one of the best f.cks you’ve had all year.

Sukhumvit Soi 4 Nana Bangkok

Nana Soi 4 | Daytime

There I am about to take a picture when a mid 20’s bargirl came over “you want to take photo’s? Come over here”. I duly follow as she takes me to the best seat by the railing for taking pictures. This chick has something about her that I really like … She appears normal by not following a stupid bargirl script. Secondly I can tell that, that is one firm body under those cloths. We sort of hit it off straight away and before you know it I get her a drink. The older woman than came to get my order looked at me like a piece sh.t.! F.cking dried up old prune f.ck off and get our drinks. These hags can be as jealous as f.ck. More on these f.ckers later.

Twister BKK Nana PlazaHere I am with the camera set up on the freelancers and couple more of the bargirls mid 20’s came over for a look. Tonight there appears to be only 3 and they’re all more interested at how the images look. Now if this was one of my favorite bars within Soi Cowboy one would be on my lap with her bra undone as I suck on her breasts. One hand would be rubbing a hot juicy snatch of one of the other women whilst number 3 would be doing what ever she wants to my body (That scenario can never get old). It actually blows my mind that there are expats here that have never experienced sh.t like that whilst living here. These are the f.ckers that think they are the experts on forums. HA HA … Mental! There’s guys banging post-op ladyboys in denial and swear blind that there are no ladyboys at Cowboy 2 HA HA … Gay! I’m still on about this but some things can’t be left alone.

I actually told my new bargirl friend the Soi Cowboy story. She said “ You can’t do that here HA”. The other 2 women duly went away. Both girls were normal and never asked for a drink. They also knew when it was time to leave us alone which is a bonus. Now to the not normal. I look over at four of the over 30’s bargirls and they to are giving me the piece of sh.t look. Well f.ck me one mid 30’s woman does come over and looks at the camera on the railing and says “You can’t take photo’s of inside the bar” HA HA what a retard … F.ck off! She might as well have said “You can’t sh.t on the floor” … So irrelevant!

At the K&S Bar there are women that if they aren't getting any attention it’s like they just can’t handle it. They show it on their face. The servers just know I’m not going to get them a drink therefore it means they also show their disapproval in their face. I’m guessing that a few customers due to their internal being might find the need to get their approval, wrecking the whole experience in the meantime. For me I blank out the retards as the prize is going to be banging this hot 20’s woman. Just blank any negativity … Beats talking to them.

The interesting side note to all this. Since all this took place the hag servers when they see me they’re now trying to get me inside. Talking to me with a f.cking smile … Piss off! When I was there as a customer you couldn’t feel anymore unwelcome. Luckily I just don’t give a sh.t. Now just to show how retarded the over 30’s woman that did come over that mentioned about taking photos. Last week when she spotted me out front. She asked me to come inside and take pictures from the railing HA HA … No!

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Sukhumvit Bangkok Nightlife

                     Sukhumvit Road Red Light District Bangkok.

If you plan your night right and you’re an expat that doesn’t want to take a bargirl back to their condo building for various reasons. Then you can book a hotel room within Soi 4 Nana for under 800 Baht. This way you can bang all night without the need to rush. The side benefit is she will feel a lot more relaxed to really get into it.

We have around a 10 minute walk back to the hotel. Now onething I want to stress as you will pass the 7/11’s and Family Marts is you aren’t going on a picnic. Let her know even before you head off that you wont be stocking up on any food. What a sh.t f.ck that would be if she proceeds to devour sausages from 7/11. Keep her hungry. I have a no more than 3 beer rule if planning on an all nighter. You don’t want to forget this for a long time coming.

She hit the shower when we arrived the hotel room. Damn what a body and not a blemish. That’s is a real bonus with having no marks around the buttocks. These are signs where some guy has been hanging onto her butt when he drops a load. You gotta leave a mark. Hit a few gogo bars and checkout some chicks butts and you’ll see more than a few bruises. They didn’t get those from shopping at Tesco. Her body is smooth and firm. This is a body that you want to have a good feel of before ripping into her. Don’t forget she wants it as you will be able to tell by the juice dripping out here pussy.

An hour earlier we were having a laugh at the older guys (65+) coming out of the Nana Hotel. She was commenting on how this is the old peoples Hotel. They can only cross the street to the nearest bar. She went on to explain that they just want to be softly stroked and most can’t f.ck because their lower back is sore. Also they’re soft (limp) HA HA. She said that I’ll end up like that one day. I let her know that she’ll start to dry up approaching 40 HA HA. For some reason that one hit home.

Back to the hotel room.This chick has freshly shaven which makes her snatch feel so smooth. I didn’t want to just jump on and start banging missionary style. Therefore as she lay on her back I f.cked her sideways so I could watch her in action. A couple of minutes in she started to rub her clit! I put my hand between her buttocks and f.mee this chick’s wet! I‘m sure she has already cum but I‘m try to hold all this together. You can become a bit trigger happy seeing this sh.t. If she starts squirting then I’ll lose it!

Sahara Bar Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Larger Dancers at the Sahara Go-Go Bar Soi Cowboy

I decide to take the easy path and get into a bit of doggie. She looks so hot on all fours. I noticed that I have already left a nice red mark on her right butt cheek that will bruise up just nicely by the morning. A funny side note. I’m sure it was psychological but I did start to have a twinge in my lower back HA HA. She was complaining a bit that I was going to deep HA HA. This is what every guy wants to hear. Talking with her after banging again in the morning she said “it was sore but felt really good and she didn’t want me to stop” … Damn. Thinking I was doing the right thing I did stop and let her get on top. This is where she lost it and looked magnificent in doing so. I’m in cruise mode now. Past the trigger happy stage and just enjoying her ride.

Once we hit around the hour mark her vagina was in quiver mode. She was destroyed! Now's the time to drop your load. Just bang her in missionary then she’ll feel like she’s going to die. I got up to have a shower and once back in bed she’s fast asleep. Job Done!

There have been a few changes at Nana Plaza over the past few weeks. Bangkok Bunnies was sold and is now called Twister BKK. I was a fan of Bangkok Bunnies as you could find several gogo dancers on any given night that were up for a good time. They were let down though by allowing more than a few older women or women who's figures were no longer up to wearing a bikini. What I saw of Twister BKK on Tuesday night is that you won’t find any horrors inside … They’ve been shipped out.

Another bar with a change in ownership is Playskool. The handful of horrors that were there have also gone. Now Playskool has a very good line-up of gogo dancers. They are definitely worth coming in early for if you’re up for barfining someone. Tuesday night I did see several women that looked like would be excellent between the sheets. Do yourself a favor and check out both Playskool and Twister BKK.

Another Nana Plaza bar that is rocking just now is Butterflies. There is such a high percentage of the dancers that you’d want to hang with. Go-Go Dancers with hot bodies! I’m sure more than a few people reading this have never had the opportunity to to get their hands on women like this. Also when at Nana Plaza Billboard Bangkok is always worth a look. You might not move all night when you enter Billboard for the first time.

Patpong for me this week was a blur since I was mostly browsing through the Patpong Night Market. The Glamour Go-Go Dancers looked so good hanging out front when on a break. I can also remember having a gawk up at the Black Pagoda Dancers, they did look mighty fine. A skinny dancer from Bada Bing exited into Patpong 2 holding a bottle of beer. The whole scene looked like something out of a movie, very surreal. I was slightly annoyed with myself for missing the shot.

At Soi Cowboy if you’re into bigger women then the Sahara Bar have a few. The Dollhouse Dancers looked good as usual and is the gogo bar that you should be heading for if you want to party! Now is also a good time to hit some of the smaller bars. I find the women to be a bit more keen for attention this time of year. One bar that I haven’t mentioned for a while is the Cactus Bar. They have several attractive dancers that would be worth having good time with. They have stools inside therefore bring her in close and hold onto that firm butt!

Note: The last image this week was taken from video.