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Thigh Bar | Patpong

A cool Bangkok gogo bar is the Thigh Bar located in Patpong 1. With the dance floor in the middle surrounded by comfortable red sofas gives you an excuse to sit around the dance floor and take in the view.

Thigh Bar PatpongThigh Bar GoGo Dancers

The Thigh Bar has had a bit of a makeover inside and out, people who have been before on a trip to Patpong might not recognize the bar. At the Thing Bar they have a good group of dancers with the right attitude making this a cool gogo bar to hang out.

The gogo dancers look good. A few do appear to be bit bigger than regular Thai women, which is a bonus especially If you took one from the bar, people wouldn't know you're out with a bargirl. Unless of course you're some obese guy then any chick you're with will be labeled FFS.  Okay I lost the plot there but lose some weight and do some sit-ups.

They had seven dancers onstage and I would have barfined five of them, mid to late 20’s dancers, cool age group. When they did a shift change there were a couple of stunners that could really dance which is always good to see at any gogo bar, not just hanging onto a pole.

Thigh Bar Patpong Bangkok

Thigh Bar Patpong 1

The sound system needs a bit of repair as the music was only coming out of one speaker which is an easy fix and might have only been down the night I was there.

I found the Thigh Bar to be hassle free and all the staff friendly enough. A whiskey was 150฿ which came in a bigger glass than usual. I don't know how long they have been doing this but the system if you want barfine one of the dancers then its 3000฿ all-in. I really don't like this setup as the price you decide with the lady is none of the bars business once they have been barfined.

I think you could have a good night at the Thigh Bar especially if you come in a group as the dancers look like they would be up for some fun.

The Thigh Bar - 6/10.

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