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Radio City - Patpong Bangkok

Located in Patpong 1 is Radio City formerly named The Den is one of Bangkok's classiest Gentleman's Clubs now this will be a hard place to review as really this is not my scene. I will put all that aside. At Radio City they have put a lot of thought and effort into producing a very classy looking establishment.

Radio City PatpongOut front there were 4 attractive looking bargirls and I stopped and had a chat with one since she had a menu which is the norm as you walk along Patpong 1 but the big difference here is it was a female not some guy so In I go and another positive is I wasn't followed in, maybe I didn't look Gentleman Enough?

Once inside the first thing that caught my eye was the fish tank over the bar which had one small shark nearly 2ft in length and a small sting ray. The bar is located in the center of Radio City and not a dance floor in sight. I guess a gentleman wouldn't want to see a woman stoop to that level ….. FFS.

Anyway back on track I take a seat by the bar and get a whiskey (160฿) and look around and notice a pool table on the LHS with two women having a game, they looked like customers since they had a drink and no guys hanging around. There was one guy over in a corner watching one of the three large flat screen TV’s with a couple of women so he's the winner so far.

The color scheme is very reddish with plenty of areas to sit on comfortable sofas or large chairs and it’s all top quality. Now It’s around 10:30 pm so still a bit early for a place like this so I would hope that it will get busy later.

Another guy was sitting at the bar with one of the bargirls and I wasn't taking any notice since I was watching the shark do what sharks do best just swim around and around all night long until I heard her say ‘don't do that!!!’.

I'm thinking sh.t hot some action but as I look at him he's just sitting there like a statute damn. So it’s back to staring at the shark again then she yells louder ‘I told you don't do that!!!’ and I notice his hand pull away from her hip, ooh very un-gentleman like behavior going on here at Radio City … FFS. Well I guess you cant get very hands-on here.

The staff are friendly and there is soft music playing but all joking aside I can see the appeal to the demographic that will like a Gentleman's Club they have gone the hole hog with classy wallpaper to paintings on the wall and we cant forget about the carpet all good.

Since it wasn't my scene I didn’t have any interest in the women working as all I could really think of was finish my drink and head to the Pink Panther gogo bar where the chicks really know how to screw. I mean dance.

Now to give this place a rating out of 10 is hard I cant compare it against a gogo bar but put it into its own category a Gentleman's Club so until I do another one then there’s no competition.

Radio City - Patpong 6/10.

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