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An Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong & Pattaya…

Shark Go-Go Bar | Soi Cowboy

The Shark Go-Go Bar is situated next to Midnite and Baccara Go-Go Bars within Soi Cowboy Bangkok when you arrive there are usually several attractive looking women sitting out front they have an outside bar area where you can sit and relax before going inside but you will get approached by a few women wanting to sit with you and have a drink if you want to buy someone a drink outside then it will cost 160฿ and inside the Go-Go area it is 180฿.

Shark Bar Soi Cowboy

Its not a bad place to sit as Midnite Go-Go Bar always seems to have a steady stream of dancers coming out front and you can see opposite at Sahara Go-Go Bar which has a few attractive dancers there that come outside to take a break.

Time to enter the Shark Go-Go Bar area and bang the music is loud and not a great selection of songs for the dancers. The Shark Go-Go Bar is of medium size with an elevated rectangular dance floor in the middle and there are 16 dancers on stage wearing see through tops most no bra so basically topless.

Shark Bar - Soi Cowboy BangkokThe women look fit here and there are several that can dance ok. I order a beer which cost 165฿ and ask how much it is to barfine one of the dancers and of course its not that simple to just get a straight answer, she asks me which one? HA HA any will do at least she had a sense of humor and laughed so the answer is 600฿.

A look around the dance floor and I notice that most clientele are Japanese since I have taken a seat around the dance floor I then looked up at the dancers they didn't seem to take a preference to the customers which is good to know, show them you're interested and most women usually dance a bit better just for you or is it just me?

The night I was there the air conditioning wasn't working that great but the Shark Go-Go Bar was packed. There is a large flat screen TV over the bar which had some football on. If you like the Shark Go-Go Bar then also have a look at The Dollhouse and Rawhide Go-Go Bars both within Soi Cowboy Bangkok.

Shark Go-Go Bar - Soi Cowboy 6/10.

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