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Sexy Night Go-Go Bar | Nana Plaza

Located on the middle floor of Nana Plaza Is Sexy Night Go-Go Bar sandwiched between AngelWitch and DC10 which makes it an easy bar to walk past. Sexy Night Go-Go Bar is the closets layout at Nana Plaza to the likes of Moonshine Joint and Jungle Jim's which are both located at Soi Cowboy Bangkok.

Sexy Night Nana Plaza

The first thing that I notice when I enter, its not the women as there are some horrors here, It's the music they have a very good DJ who plays some pretty decent music.

Bangkok BargirlTonight Sexy Night Bar is near full and the only seats left are by the small dance floor which only holds 5 dancers I have been going to Crazy House a lot lately so don't really care sitting by the dance floor and look straight up at the women dancers a few do feel a bit uncomfortable but hey that's what they are here for - dance girl dance oh yeah I haven't mentioned it yet, but the dancers are topless now out of the 5 on stage.

I am really only looking at one the rest should be down taking a break but the good news is when they did there shift change there was 3 out of the 5 that where looking good you just have to learn blocking the other 2 out.

Sexy Night Bar is a rough bar and some of the customers are a bit rowdy but they are so stupid that the older bargirls are bleeding them dry with lady drinks and laughing at their jokes….saps or should I say suckers pissed as a farts hanging out with a few horrors when there is a few decent looking women here.

I don't mind this place as I can sit by the dance floor look at a few nice looking women that are topless and listen to some music that I can get into just ignore the horrors and occasionally look over at the pissed guys getting bled dry, entertaining all round.

Now to prices a Tiger Beer was 140฿ a lady's drink is 150฿ and if you want take one of the women from the bar then its 800฿. Do yourself a favor and try stay slightly sober so you don't end up with a horror or you might as well go the hole hog and get totally of your head then go next door to the DC10 Bar and see the surprise you get in the morning.

Sexy Night Bar 5/10.

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