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An Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong & Pattaya…

Sahara Go-Go Bar | Soi Cowboy

The Sahara Go-Go Bar located next to the Moonshine Joint within Soi Cowboy has a steady stream of go-go dancers out front either taking a break or trying to get people inside.

Sahara Soi Cowboy

On entering the Sahara Go-Go Bar I was followed by 2 attractive dancers which took a few minutes for them to get the message that I wasn't here to buy them drinks. The Sahara is a good size there is a well designed dance floor in the middle, with a circular area on each end of the dance floor, there were 8 Coyote dancers on stage and they can dance not just hang onto a pole.

The atmosphere at the Sahara is very good the Dancers appear to be enjoying themselves more than at most bars at Soi Cowboy this is why the go-go bar area was nearly full the main draw back is if you plan on a night out at Sahara well you better be cashed up as it costs 200฿ for a beer and the dancers are masters of knowing who to perform too then before you know it you’re sitting with two or more dancers buying drinks for them all which I saw happen on a few occasions.

The Coyote dancers cant really be barfined unless you pay some ridiculous amount that is quoted 5000฿ which really means no.

Now to the women in black who can be barfined for 800฿. Extreme care needs to be taken as you will find a few ladyboys in the mix and I’m not talking about obvious hey that's a dude so make sure you’re sober if you plan on barfining one of the women in black.

Sahara Bangkok

The Sahara Go-Go Bar has a good DJ and with a few Issan songs thrown into the set list which most dancers really do get into therefore if you're cashed up then the Sahara Go-Go Bar is worth a look as with what I witnessed tonight then you should have an enjoyable night out at the Sahara Go-Go Bar, Soi Cowboy Bangkok.

Sahara Go-Go Bar 7/10

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