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An Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong & Pattaya…

Midnite Go-Go Bar | Soi Cowboy

Walking along Soi Cowboy you will always find a bunch of dancers out front Midnite Go-Go Bar just sitting around or trying to entice customers inside. So in I go and there's no one else just 5 girls on the dance floor talking, now to there credit when they see me they all get into position and start dancing… Cool.

Midnite gogo bar Soi Cowboy

The Midnite Go-Go Bar is modern and a good size, the dance floor is in the middle and would hold about 14 dancers comfortably. The Go-Go Dancers can come and dance at your table which is a bonus. I order a Beer which costs 200฿. On the dance floor is one of the hottest's chicks I've seen at Soi Cowboy so after 3 songs she has finished her set I ask her over for a drink which set me back 230฿ but who's complaining having her coming over for a chat, not me…

She's 25 yrs old and can speak very good English. I ask how much is it to barfine someone here? She looked around and said there are only 2 girls here tonight that can be barfined as the rest plus her only dance or sit and have a few drinks with the patrons. Now I look over at the 2 dancers that can be barfined and I say but that ones a ladyboy…she just went shhhh….HAHA. Therefore care needs be taken if you ever come here and have a few too many drinks as I would guess that more than one ladyboy would be working here on a busy night. (A barfine costs 800฿). Whilst I was there a few other people came in with there wife's/partners and they had a woman dancing at their table whilst having a drink. Visually it looked pretty good and can see how you could have a good time here bringing your wife/partner whilst on holiday here in Bangkok.

When I first arrived I sat at a booth that had a waitress sitting just waiting for it to get busy, another waitress served me so when my drink arrived I thought I would chat to her and find out how much everything costs here. She looks like straight out the jungle this one mid 30’s sitting cross legged but looks ok. I turned to talk and ask her a few question but she was so busy with a finger up her overly large nostril. I just ignored her for about 5 minutes and watched the girls dancing.

I gave her another go and see she's getting right into it now so I don't look back. So here's a hint to the management… people don't want to see this, a quiet word should fix this problem. You will notice a steady stream of women coming from upstairs dressed in there Go-Go dancing outfits as they head out and go to Spice Girls Go-Go Bar as it has the same owner, the Rio Club Go-Go Bar is also in the same stable. The Midnite Go-Go Bar is good and looks modern inside it just needs a crowd to build an atmosphere.

Midnite Go-Go Bar 6/10.

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