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Mercury Go-Go Bar | Nana Plaza

Mercurry go-go bar sign Nana PlazaWhen you enter Nana Plaza just get on the escalator on the RHS which will take you to the middle floor at Nana Plaza then turn right and you're there.

The Mercury Bar itself is a medium size go-go bar with an elevated L-shaped dance floor which holds about 10 dancers comfortably.

Ok now to their pricing system as have Coyote Dancers.

Drinks : Leo Beer, Chang Beer & Thai Whiskey 105฿

Happy Hour : 6 pm - 8:30 pm all drinks 95฿

Lady Drinks : 150฿

Barfines : Coyote Dancers 1500฿, Regular Dancers 600฿.

Mercury Bar go-go dancer Nana PlazaIts easy to know who's who here just ask, tonight the Coyote Dancers are wearing black and are all dancing on the same part of the stage and the regular Dancers are in white.

There are some really good dancers here and the best looking and fittest was a regular Dancer, she really was a stand out. The Mamason here is a LadyBoy, I must say every time I go to a bar where a ladyboy is in charge they really keep the Dancers under control and the bar is always well run.

I do think it would be a good sight one day to see the Mamason here getting pissed off at a dancer who is a bit out of control, she looks like she could really fire up.

The music is good at Mercury Go-Go Bar and there was a couple of the songs where 2 of the Coyote Dancers went mental over, it was pretty impressive watching them dance, even the other 2 girls stopped dancing for a bit and watched. There're some very fit looking women with well toned body's, I just hope they stay away from the cola and keep up whatever exercise there doing as the do look pretty impressive when dancing or just walking around in  their dance clothes.

Mercury Bar - Nana PlazaI was pressured a bit to buy a lady drink but it was all friendly stuff and the waitresses have a good sense of humor. I was sitting next to a guy who had bought a drink for one girl and when the Mamason came over told her its time to go dance on the stage, he said ‘Barfine - Barfine’ what a loser… I thought he was going to do his load right there and then HA HA, it gets better she declined and got back up on stage.

If he was Thai I think he would have lost lots face but no problem he's just a stupid Farang, obviously he's been here before, and the word is out ‘don't go with this guy’. If you like the Mercury Bar then also have a look at Bangkok Bunnies, Erotica and Mandarin Go-Go Bars.

Mercury Go-Go Bar 6/10.

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