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K&S Bar | Nana Plaza

The K&S Bar is situated within Soi 4 Nana next to the entrance to Nana Plaza. You can go here day or night, there's several flat screen TVs and a pool table.

There's also a good view of Soi 4 from the bar so it's a good place to sit during the day. A whiskey is 140฿, lady drinks 120฿ and if you feel like barfining one of the woman it will cost you 500฿. I have been here a few times during the day and it's an ok place to sit and have a drink or play a game of pool.

If you're after a bit of company then the choices aren't that good with the daytime crew, do yourself a favor and choose wisely who you want to spend your day with, don't let some hag choose you. At night I feel the K&S Bar lets its self down.

There are 2 major problems with this place, the music is way too loud it’s so hard trying to have a conversation with any one, it really is so dumb by whoever runs this place. Just drop the volume slightly there's a sweet spot where its loud but you can still talk comfortably.

Now to the next problem that they have there is some pretty hardened women working here with just too many years under the belt.

They can get very loud once they smell a VIP walk in…… A VIP is some poor sap, all cashed up for his holiday ….. Yeah VIP until the money runs out. So do yourself a favor don't waste it on these women. When they do have some descent looking women they're most likely already having a drink with some guy.

Inside K&S Bar - Soi 4 NanaReally what's the use hanging around as the rest aren't worth your time, just do yourself a favor and try somewhere else like the Morning Night Bar near the entrance to Soi 4 Nana or try the Tiki Bar inside Nana Plaza where you can sit back and talk with the bargirls inside without having to raise your voice or strain to here what they’re saying.

As you can see by the picture there is a good view from the K&S Bar of Soi 4 Nana If you can put up with the music blaring in your ear or you're partially deaf then the K&S Bar could be for you it would help if they played some descent music, Have a look at the demographic of  their customers and cater the songs they play around that.

K&S Bar Soi 4 Nana 3/10.

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