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African Freelancers

As I enter Soi 4 Nana I see ladyboy freelancers from the not so hot to the impressive. It’s rare for me to land right on top of a guy in negotiation mode. Tonight I did therefore I stopped since this is so educational. The ladyboy was just above the not so hot group. The guy looked mid 20’s fit and could easily pull a chick without paying. Not tonight though as he wants to bang a ladyboy. The negotiations take all of 20 seconds. He asked how much does she want? … “1000 Baht.” He has no problem with the price. Now his next question is a pisser HA HA. “Do you Kiss?” I nearly laughed aloud when I heard that. I was laughing hard inside though. She gave a nod and before you knew it they were off heading up Soi 4 to his hotel room. I followed a bit. This guy held her hand without a care in the world. It wont be long until he’s tongue kissing his ladyboy.

Soi 4 Nana Freelancer

African Freelancer | Soi 4 Nana

I dropped off just before I got to Food Mart since I had locked onto three African Freelancers. One was in negotiations with a guy and the other two were just watching. This guy was mid 40’s and bounced around like he was about to have the time of his life. Two of the freelancers look shit hot wearing tight denim shorts. This does get freaky. It appears that they have agreed on a price and just like the last guy he has a final question. I didn’t pick up his exact wording but I got the gist of it. Basically he had asked if he could do her in the Ass!

Now I have to give credit to this woman as she paused for a few seconds just staring at this guy without blinking. Her answer was a long drawn out “No!” He was off like a shot since all three women were looking at him like a freak. I headed into Food Mart to get a caffeine hit. Whilst standing in line in she walks. She looked a lot smaller when up close. She’d be in her 20’s and appeared so firm.

It’s time to learn something new that really I never wanted to know. Whilst I was standing out front the Butterflies GoGo Bar on the top floor of Nana Plaza. I noticed a ladyboy exit the short time hotel next door. It appears that the ladyboy is after the buddy of the guy who is her customer inside the hotel. I bet he doesn’t have enough to pay. She kept her distance from the entrance to Butterflies and as polite as possible tried to talk to one of the dancers and a security guard outside without any luck.

Sukhumvit Soi 4 Ladyboys

Entrance to Nana Soi 4 | Ladyboy Freelancers

Here comes my lesson. I spot a ladyboy who appears to have just pulled on her bikini bottom HA HA … Yeah get fucked! Now I get to see how they get it all in order. He/she pushes one hand down the front of the biking with the middle finger extended. The middle finger pushes the shaft of the penis between the balls to give get a female look. At the same time the other hand is inside the rear of the bikini holding onto the penis as it is pulled backwards into the bum crack. Lesson learned. Both ladyboys pissed off back to their customer. I couldn’t careless at what was going down. All I was thinking is “Nah this ain't right!” It goes to show if you just wonder around you do get to see and hear some freaky shit.

On Monday night Soi 4 was busy with the busiest bar being the K&S Bar which was a big surprise. There were plenty of freelancers on both sides of Soi 4. The African freelancers are good to have a chat with and are more polite than some of the women that were there a year ago. As you can see by the picture … That is one great Ass!

EQ Late Night Club is closed for renovations and should reopen in late April 2018 with a change of format. They will now feature live bands. For me this is a good move. What demographic are you looking at for Hip Hop? The majority of patrons within Soi 4 wouldn't fit it. Most would be thinking what is Hip Hop? Let alone get down to a DJ. Live Bands should be winner.

The Golden Beer Bar had nothing to offer on Monday night but on Thursday… me they had three bargirls that were the pick of all of Soi 4 if you were busting for a bang! Some chicks you just want to hang with and some you just want to … Go figure.

At Nana Plaza both the Twister Bar and Diamonds Bangkok were both really rocking. It does help when the dancers lose their tops. The DC 10 Ladyboy Bar had a group of Japanese guys inside therefore the ladyboys were in a frenzy. Sexy Night again had a decent crowd for a small bar. Surprising for me is Angelwitch for 2 weeks in a row had a crowd and an atmosphere. You only need that extra handful of customers to tip the scale into being a bar that you want hangout in.

Inside The Dollhouse Baingkok

The Dollhouse | Soi Cowboy

At Soi Cowboy The Dollhouse has a load of new gogo dancers. Which means only onething … get in there! New means more fun since they are so fresh. HA HA Fuck! You don’t want to miss out on this if you’re up for a good time. It’s time to live a bit. Don’t forget the women want it!

I haven’t seen a ladyboy at the Five Star Bar for a while. They are either no more or are getting barfined early. At Cowboy 2 I didn’t see anyone in tartan skirts (ladyboys mixed with women) this week. I hung out the front of the Lighthouse on Thursday they were quiet. I was just waiting to see if any of the tartan skirts would appear from Cowboy 2. I ended up having a few drinks at the outside bar of the Moonshine Joint. Now I had a good vibe and a pisser view of the Midnite and Sahara gogo dancers.

For those who are interested in reading previous years Weekly Column posts. They are found in the Bangkok Bars Series available for purchase on Amazon. You will find the 2016 articles in “Bangkok Bars Volume 1” & the 2017 articles in “Bangkok Bars Volume 2.”

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At Patpong the old Electric Blue location is being turned in a Steak Restaurant. This could work as most people do like a good steak. Super Pussy was open again this week. With the renovations ongoing at Kings Castle 1 the numbers have dropped a bit at Kings Castle 2. The vibe isn’t the same for tourists when walking by. The tourists who are looking for a top gogo bar are unknowing missing out big time. As once they’re inside these chicks will rock their world!