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SuperStar | Patpong

A night out in Patpong you need stay focused as there's a lot of touts and it's best to just ignore them.

Now to SuperStar Go-Go Bar located within Patpong 1 this place has so much going for it but is getting dragged down by a few major things, first the music is very good but its way too loud especially if you want to have a conversation with any human within SuperStars it will be really difficult to get o know one of the dancers before you make your mind up that you want to barfine one of them.

Secondly when I walked in a hag woman greeted me around 50 yrs then I ordered my drink, now I know how these hags operate now she wants to shake my hand, which I didn't and told her to go away, which it did…. Now the hag showed her true face, f…me what a dog… GET RID OF THESE HAGS…

SuperStar Go-Go Bar - Patpong Bangkok

Ok to the good points this place is large for a Go-Go Bar and there's plenty of space for the women to dance, there's usually about 8 up dancing at one time and there is some very nice looking with well toned bodies and a few are very good dancers.

I watched as one girl came back after getting changed ready to go with the guy who has barfined her, I was very surprised how well she presented herself, no way would you think she works in a Go-Go Bar.

Go-Go Dancer - PatpongThe drinks are a bit expensive whiskey was 150฿ (ok) but beer ranged from 180-200฿. While you sit there the Mamason will try bring a girl over which is no problem, I noticed one guy took up the offer but ended buying her a drink as well, there's a problem HA HA piss off hag.

So do your best keeping the older staff away and watch the girls dance that way you can make your own choice, if you want to barfine someone it will cost you 600฿ and don't be pressured into buying a drink for someone that you don't want to spend anytime with.

There is a few good looking women here at Patpongs SuperStar Go-Go Bar therefore it is well worth a visit.

SuperStar Go-Go Bar 6/10.

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