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BigDogs Bar | Nana Plaza

The entrance to Nana Plaza Bangkok is BigDogs Bar this is where you can sit back and watch the comings and goings at Nana Plaza, if you sit long enough you can see the girls leave with some bald school teacher from the UK then 40 min's later she re-enters to go tell the other girls how this guy had such a kind heart as paid 3000฿, now she can get back up dancing and hoping to get another customer as her Thai boyfriend is running short of cash.

BigDogs Nana Soi 4

You're better off with a chick over 23 you will have more chance that they have got rid off their hangers on.

Now lets talk about BigDogs Bar, the staff working are friendly enough and a whiskey was 130฿. The location is very good plus there's a good atmosphere but its time for the owner to buy new table and chairs they are quite embarrassing and dragging this place down it makes it feel like a dump.

The girls are a bit run down but polite, they look tired and I don't really buy a drink for a woman unless I'm half interested in them hoping they might have a good story to tell, which no one gave that impression at BigDogs Bar.

Now if you do get in the mood and want to take one of the bargirls at BigDogs out of the bar then it will cost you 600฿ that's money not well spent but you might get lucky on the night you attend BigDogs they could get some new staff, lets dream. If you're after spending time with a women in a bar surrounding then you're better off heading to the Morning Night Bar and if you like sit and watch people coming and going from Nana Plaza then have a look at the Tiki Bar.

BigDogs Bar - 5/10.

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