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Nana Beer Garden | Nana Plaza

Situated in the belly of Nana Plaza Bangkok is the Nana Beer Garden drinks are 120฿. How they let in some of the women is beyond me its like a retirement home for old Hookers in their 40’s.

The Nana Beer Garden

There is a few ok looking women in their late 20’s but they all have kids and it’s easy to see that this isn’t what you want on a trip out in Bangkok.

I haven't come across one that hasn't had a child to a Thai guy who has done a runner. They’re pretty honest about this but it's hard to hide once you get them into the sack but why bother if you have spent your hard earned cash getting here you might as well try for some hot chick in Bangkok Bunnies or Butterflies.

You get a good view of inside Nana Plaza just position yourself where you want to look.

Billboard Go-Go BarThe women that get your drinks will just leave you alone if that's what you want, if not buy them a drink and they will hang around all night long. I notice a lot of males get sucked into play stupid games with dices and other bargirl board games really did you come all this way to Bangkok just to  sit within Nana Plaza playing children's games don't get sucked into doing something you not interested doing, do what you came here to do.

Be aware that at the far end there are a couple of ladyboy bars close by so if you sit over that side of the Nana Beer Garden then make sure you know what you are looking at is in fact what you came here for.

If you are someone who is an uncouth fat guy and likes to suck piss well these are the women for you as the dancers in the go-go bars aren't going to give you much of a chance, they will just quote you some inflated price so you will think they are too expensive, therefore you might as well stay down at the Nana Beer Garden where you belong.

Cool chick at the Nana Beer Garden

So if you want to just get pissed this is the place to do it. I think its better to sit at the Suckers Bar end as there's a better atmosphere than down the far end. Also have a look at the Tiki Bar near the entrance to Nana Plaza.

Nana Beer Garden for fat guys 6/10 … Normal humans 2/10.

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