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Playskool | Nana Plaza

Playskool Gogo Bar on the ground floor of Nana Plaza Bangkok is back as of December 2017. Located within a prime position of the ground floor of Nana Plaza. Now with new owners who bring a wealth of experience from Bangkok Bunnies who are already in the process of updating the main infrastructure.

Playskool Nana Plaza

Playskool GoGo Bar, Nana Plaza

Playskool is a medium sized gogo bar with good air circulation which is always a bonus. There is an elevated dance floor in the middle which can have ten dancers dancing comfortably on stage. The outside bar is a well positioned if you are into people watching. Just sit back and enjoy the view.

What I saw on Friday night (1 Dec 2017) the gogo bar area is operating as normal and is well worth a look. The dancers do put on a show once the see you are interested. Before you know it you will be planning to take one of the dancers from the bar.

I will do an updated review of the bar once the makeover is complete and get the drink prices etc. I the meantime head on in for a drink or hangout with the dancers. With the Bangkok Bunnies link then Playskool should be a hit sooner rather than later.

Playskool Nana Plaza … 6/10.