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Playskool Go-Go Bar | Nana Plaza

PlaySkool - Nana PlazaIts time to check out PlaySkool Go-Go Bar on the ground floor Nana Plaza Bangkok. I go straight inside to the go-go bar area, this place looks new and the dancers on stage have some of the hottest butts in Nana Plaza. There is an elevated dance floor in the middle which has 10 dancers dancing comfortably on stage. Playskool is a medium sized go-go bar with good air circulation which is always a bonus. Imported Beer and Whiskey are 145฿ with local Beer 105฿, reasonable prices.

After about 20 min's watching the A-team dance (Coyote Dancers) they take a break. The women that can be barfined are up, eight of them. One is chunky but she can dance, some guys are into larger sized women therefore she should still get plenty of attention. Four of the dancers have tattoos a few people aren't into tattoos but I don't really care if they have them or not.

All the go-go dancers can dance here and not just hang onto a pole like some places allow them to do. The dancers do try hard to make get eye contact. You would think there's nothing to complain about but there is….. It's the security, they are just to visible and you can see a couple of them have issues with some of the girls, yeah yeah they have screwed them or in a relationship.

Really are the owners so blinded that they cant see how off putting this is. They have built a top notch Go-Go Bar on the inside, and have some really good dancers but this just doesn't look right,, just piss the security off they are to visible.

I went to the bar outside it's screwed having 2 Security there talking to the women it’s not what you want to see when you come here on a holiday. How could you pick any chick here with the thought………… that one of these guys is doing her. They should have no interaction with the dancers when working, other bars don't have visible security like this. It’s just a dumb move by the management, do us all a favor and fix it. I guess if you just ignore the dancers that converse with the security then you should have a good night out. The positives do out way the negatives.

If you like the women here then have a look at Bangkok Bunnies and Erotica which are both well run bars and are located close by within Nana Plaza.

PlaySkool Go-Go Bar 6/10.

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