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An Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong & Pattaya…

Tilac Go-Go Bar | Soi Cowboy

The Tilac Bar is big and it’s good, making the Tilac Bar a must see when you visit Bangkok's Soi Cowboy with a large outside area where you can just sit and relax watching the activities within the Soi.

Tilac GoGo Bar - Soi Cowboy

Tilac Go-Go Bar Outside Bar

When you enter the gogo bar you will be impressed by the layout with dancers on tables both left and right mirrors everywhere you look and an extremely well designed dance floor X-shaped with 4 small bar areas within the dance floor and the seats encircling the stage / bar. Here they have a very good DJ the song selections kept the dancers bouncing along just nicely.

Now to the coyote dancers talk about impressive they had free rein on the dance floor two on each corner and four in the middle and as a collective are the best group of coyote dancers I have seen for actually get down and dancing. They do rotate around the dance floor every few songs and with tiny black shorts pulled up as tight as possible you will find it hard taking your eye of the dancers.

The regular dancers aren't too shabby in their low cut skirts and nothing underneath which obviously draws a lot of attention to them when they get right into a song and when its time leave the dance floor.

I had a chat with a dancer who I must say had a great body and kept rubbing her large breast against my arm so I had to ask, are they real? She replied ‘thank you’ HA HA so who knows? If you want to barfine a regular dancers its 800฿ and a coyote 3000฿ which means the bar doesn't want the coyote dancers to leave for the night and I can see why.

A whiskey cost 165฿ which to see these chicks dance is well worth it, the staff are good and I didn't get hassled by any one for a drink and with a good atmosphere that you could spend most your night here at the Tilac Bar. The music is loud which didn't bother me since the dancers were getting right into dancing.

Tilac Bar Soi Cowboy 7½/10.

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