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An Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong & Pattaya…

Fanny’s Bar | Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy’s Fanny's Bar is located next to The Dollhouse Go-Go Bar and opposite Spice Girls Go-Go Bar so there's plenty of hot dancers to look at as you have a relaxing drink outside. A Beer costs 120฿ and a lady drink will set you back 100฿.

There are two sides to Fanny’s Bar the Coyote Dancers and the Regular Bargirls, yeah the older bargirls will rip your head off for 500฿ in a tag team if that's what you want, now they have some very attractive Coyote Dancers that you can have a lot of fun with just make sure you're cashed up.

Fannys Bar Soi Cowboy

Coyote Dancers Fanny's Bar

The bargirls that sit within the outside bar area look more than the 30 yr old mark and seem pretty eager for you to buy them a drink without actually asking so it's best to just ignore them unless one of them takes your fancy. Sitting out front you get a good view of Soi Cowboy with plenty of good looking chicks to look at and the occasional freak show walking bye, which is good for a laugh.

The boss lady has been trying to get me go inside check the Fanny's Bar Go-Go area…well stuff it I better go to check it out, well f..k me it's like entering a time machine with a couple of flat screen TV’s playing music videos from the 80's, the place is only about 10 ft wide with a bar on the RHS which is cool enough its like something out a movie I really don't mind the layout as it's the same as the Toy Bar, Moonshine Joint and Jungle Jim's Bar.

The Coyote Dancers below are initially from Cowboy 2 go-go bar. Buying them a drink will cost you 200฿.

Inside Fanny's Bar the dance area is small only 4 girls can fit comfortably and you don't want to look anyway as they are mostly overweight, one easily by 10 kg, you're better off looking at the flat screen TV’s. After 5 min's I exit and get asked ‘you no like?’ HA HA well what to say but oh they’re a bit short for me, not -  I'm not into fat chicks. I'm guessing some people will be into these women, then it will cost you a 600฿ barfine if you want to take one of the lovely's (cough cough) from the bar. At Fanny’s the women are lazy inside, maybe they're sick of giving hand jobs in the corner, this place needs a major reshuffle with some of the regular workers just to freshen it up.

Coyote Dancers Fanny's Bar Soi Cowboy

If you do get one of the women to show some interest and buy them a drink then dive right into whatever you want just let your hands do the talking not your mouth. I sat and watched one guy buy a Coyote Dancer three drinks and proceeded to bore her to tears telling his life story when he could have been inside having a bit of fun, when she was standing she looked a fine specimen of a woman really I have no idea what was going on in this guys head, did he think he was on a date? HA HA.

There’re some very hardened bargirls that can sit out front so you are best just to ignore them all as you don't know until after you buy them a drink some are so boring to talk with it really is beyond belief. (Update) Inside one positive is the regular dancers have improved from my first visit but there still seems to be a laziness amongst the bargirls as you can enter get a drink and not one bargirl will get off their chair and come over which is the complete opposite of the other bars in the stable, go and sit in the Toy Bar, Moonshine Joint and Jungle Jim's Bar and see what happens.

Fanny's Bar - Soi Cowboy 4/10. (More if you hang-out with any of the coyote dancers).

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