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Soi Cowboy Bangkok

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MenuAn Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy & Patpong.

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The Dollhouse | Soi Cowboy

A walk down Soi Cowboy Bangkok feels alive this there's plenty of people out and about. I'm not getting hassled by anyone to buy a watch as they have done a good job moving these people… it really isn't good for tourism. I haven't come with a plan where to go so lets see what a casual walk down Soi Cowboy produces. Well I only got just over half way down Soi Cowboy when I see a hot chick dancing holding onto a pole which means only one thing… take a seat and watch the show.

The Dollhouse - Soi Cowboy

The Dollhouse Go-Go bar is the destination for tonight. The big surprise here is that bottle of Beer and Thai whiskey are only 85฿ each until 9:30 pm after that a beer will cost you 165฿. Great I will just sit back watch this girl dance whist sipping on a whiskey and coke. Yes she can dance considering those pants are so tight.

This is a great spot for people watching just sitting out front in the open air. I’m tempted to go in The Dollhouse Agogo Bar area but this has it all just sitting here. Look at the picture showing the view from my seat. II don't think I will be moving soon. The dancers appear to rotate every 20 minutes and this new girl can dance pretty good. You don't get cheated with your whisky as it tasted pretty strong stuff and at 85฿ you could end having more drinks than you planned watching these women dance.

Another bonus is the girls from The Dollhouse Go-Go Bar area come out front and take a break. It got pretty busy there for a while with about six girls all standing around trying to adjust their uniform… Nice! They don't have to try too hard looking good. At the Dollhouse they defiantly have a good selection of gogo dancers… most look over 23 yrs.

Inside The Dollhouse Agogo Bar

The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy

After an hour out front I go in The Dollhouse Go-Go Bar area which looks a good size with an elevated dance floor that holds around 12 dancers comfortably. On the end closest to the bar there is a rotating section which has 4 dancers. They all look pretty good then after about 4 songs… Bang! Up come 8 women and it’s… Clothes off… Sh.t Hot!

You can sit back relax in comfort or be a winner and sit at the edge of the dance floor and enjoy the view. I couldn't get up quick enough when I knew what was happening.

As an added bonus if you want a more relaxed atmosphere then just go upstairs where they have tabletop dancing. The Dollhouse is very western friendly and you don't get hassled by anyone. If you want company just call one of the dancer over. You wont get a knock back.

The Dollhouse Tabletop Dancing Soi Cowboy

The Dollhouse is still one the best bars in Bangkok. Just head to were your mood takes you. Either sit outside and soak up the atmosphere of Soi Cowboy. Inside for some gogo dancer action or head upstairs for tabletop dancing.

The Dollhouse is sandwiched between Fanny’s Bar and the Shadow Bar.

The Dollhouse Go-Go Bar 7½/10.

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