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Rainbow 4 | Nana Plaza

Back to Nana-Plaza this time to check out Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar. At Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar the girls do go up a level compared to the other Rainbow bars. If you're into taking a dancer out of the night rather than just wham-bam, then this looks like a good spot to make your choice. (Now Called Rainbow 5).

Rainbow 4 Thai WomanThe girls looked good up on stage wearing their white bikinis, a couple where actually dancing and the rest were moving there body's enough to the music to be satisfied with what you saw. There's about 20 girls and will be to most peoples taste, it just depends on which one you find to your liking. They did a shift change and 20 different girls come on stage f….Me they look hotter the last lot and there's a few I’m starting to panic looking around at other pricks might want to barfine them….There's one right up my alley there might be no stopping this tonight………….Damn I’d better settle down. You can find a woman as good as this in the picture at Rainbow 4.

A bottle of water is 155฿ (crazy price). I didn't even ask about beer prices the chicks are too hot in this place to worry about drinking alcohol. Really if you get a girl from here it's best to be fully functional, don't drink yourself stupid or you might not be able to remember every minute detail especially with women this hot. Enough about my preaching, drink more.

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Let's talk about the guy next to me he's around 25 looks Japanese and calls a girl over. He has an American accent and asks her if she can speak English and is genuinely shocked when she starts to speak in fluent English and to my surprise he just gets up and leaves she was about 25 so to him with her English speaking ability she's been around a while. I’d guess he doesn't want to be customer number 2743, I don't blame him. I think he had been hoping she hadn't been working too long.

The atmosphere feels good and you don't get hassled for lady's drinks as most girls when finished dancing come sit around the stage, yes they look at you but wont come over unless asked. The music is very good the volume is perfect as you can converse without having to yell and the music has a good beat. I like my music with plenty of base.

On the ground floor of Nana Plaza is The Rainbow Bar & Rainbow 2.

Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar…….7/10.

Ladyboy Soi 4 - NanaHere’s a side story. I make my way outside to take a break and stand close bye a 180 cm Ladyboy who is discussing prices with a guy from the USA.

He looks pretty fit in his late 20's and wants her/him all night for 3000฿ but the dude in a dress says NO!! NO!! I cant stay all night for that much but will do short time for that…… Cool HA HA this is fun, WTF.

This guy is talking to a Ladyboy that when someone looks knows it's a guy. There's plenty of Ladyboys you might not know is a guy until they open their mouth and suck your d..k the way no woman has,FFS. Ladyboys don't disguise their voice very well, most don't even try.

Just look at the Ladyboy in this picture, the feet are a big giveaway. You can tell this isn't a female so don't kid yourself when you come out of Soi 4, most people know what you're into. This ladyboy looks so much better than the one the American guy is trying to cut a deal with.

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