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Spankys Go-Go Bar | Nana Plaza

Spankys gogo bar is the destination tonight which is located on the middle floor of Nana Plaza Bangkok. Out front there will be a few girls who will more than likely hit you with a piece of foam tubing which makes a decent slapping sound as you walk bye. Tonight they are packed and there is a real atmosphere inside.

Spankys Nana Plaza

Spankys is a medium sized agogo bar with a long dance floor that holds around 20 dancers, there is comfortable bench seating encircling the dance floor ensuring that you have a good view no matter where you sit unless you want check out the action in the shower cubical then head to the LHS as you enter.

As I entered I was surprised to find 18 dancers topless on stage and all of a high standard some girls really knew how to put themselves in an erotic pose, I am fairly immune to this after reviewing so many bars but here I found myself on more than one occasion thinking f..me look at that. The dancers on stage genuinely appeared to be having a good time in the spot light and with such a good DJ who kept the dancers entertained with his song selections and comments.

Spankys has a show that lasted for around 15 minutes the first 7 mins was very good the 2 dancers on stage looked so good very erotic with some cool music being played. Now to the second half of the show is where I'm critical and it should be changed (read below earlier review) but luckily it only lasts 7 or 8 minutes then the gogo dancers are back on stage topless, now lets not forget about the dancer in the shower who is a fine specimen of a woman and worth getting a seat near by.

A whiskey cost 155฿ and the drink staff where very friendly, what a difference to Spankys gogo bar in less than a year all the tired looking dancers are gone and replaced with very nice selection of dancers the atmosphere is so different and had a party feel to it.

Well done to the management in making Spankys now a must see bar at Nana Plaza.

Spankys Go-Go Bar 7½/10.

Nana Plaza

Previous Reviews

Below is the previous reviews. What a turnaround you will see and by how much once you have had a read.

Spanky's 2nd Floor Nana Plaza

(Feb 2015) - A trip to Nana Plaza looking forward to go to Spankys Go-Go Bar which I haven't been to for nearly 2 years. I walk up the stairs at the back of Nana Plaza and walk past the LadyBoys at the top of the stairs, I will give them this they look like they take care of themselves no belly's on any of them, there's a couple of big dudes they’re easy around 180 cm I do my usual polite smile as I move past.

Walking past DC10 I ask how much a beer is ?  160฿ then I come up to the next Bar (I could mention the bar name but just take a walk up you might see it) and see the hag of hags sitting out front. F…..Me get her cleaning toilets or something not sit out front trying to get people in, so being a polite person as I am cheesy smile for her and ask how much a beer is ?  She says 160฿ - Me…..Oh that much and turn to walk to Spankys but see her face, its like she has just taken the smelliest crap of her life and got a whiff of it, well whoever owns this place I really don't care how old or ugly anyone is, they should crack a smile be polite, YOUR LOSING CUSTOMERS.

Inside Spankys GoGo Bar

Now to Spankys Go-Go Bar I just walk in get the usual hit on the butt by the girl out front well its like entering a time machine there's a show on a girl in a suit and the other girl is simulating and sucking her with a dildo…….Boring isn't a strong enough word to describe it. I'm pretty sure I saw the same thing 2 years ago so for an expat coming here the show would bore them to death once it started. I had caught the last minute of the show previous when I entered and the girls looked not interested like couldn't wait for it to finish.

Spankys Nana Plaza DancersSo a bad start, I got a beer 155฿ HA HA 5฿ cheaper maybe because the shows so crap. Finally the shows over the girls get up on stage 18 dancers (HA HA there not dancing) not one would I quickly barfine, like panic worried some other prick would get her because she was so hot.

The hottest girl of the lot was in the shower cubical doing her stuff she can dance not one girl on stage was dancing just holding onto a pole looking out into space. Yeah some poor prick from the UK who cant get laid over there would jump at them but I think he would be wasting his cash, the girls look hotter down at Suckers Go-Go Bar.

Anyway back to the girl in the shower well I know she was the same one when I was here last time, she is cool and can move but she cant be barfined so it's all just a tease.

Spankys looks tired the formats tired, GET THE GIRLS TO Fnnnn DANCE…….Now that's a show!!!! Chicks that can really dance look so hot they don't need be stunners but if they can move that body wow. I think you're going to have more guys barfining the girls.

Now lets get to the part that erks me HA HA. The place is about 60% full and on the side I am seated there is 4 waitresses they just look up at the customers Piss-Off stop looking over I will call you if want a drink she came over picks up my bottle to check it …Piss-Off….still half full she can see I am not a heavy drinker so leave me alone for all they know I am going to slowly finish my beer then pick a girl and leave but no over she comes again I've been there for about 20 min's and she checks again now I have about 2 inches left (I usually tell the chicks that when I hit their backboard….you wont get that unless you can hit their backboard) anyway back to the beer that's about 5 minutes worth for me but now she wants me get another one now so f…...it I just pay the bill and leave.

I guess a trip to Annie's Soapy Massage is the way to go tonight it really was a turn-off spending 20 min's at Spankys Go-Go Bar. So do yourself a favor and give Spankys Go-Go Bar a miss for now, until they change there format and teach the girls to dance really…………The music's crap as well for F…..…SAKE look at the demographic of the people going there and learn to dance F….You, then I know you're worth barfining. Spankys Go-Go Bar 1/10.

Spankys Go-Go Bar

(April 2015) - I've stayed away for a few months (April 2015) now. Lets get right to it there are 8 girls up on the dance floor 5 are actually dancing, 2 are a bit boring and one should be retired to a beer bar.

The woman with blonde hair she's in need of a long holiday looks so much older than the other girls when the lights hit her face and is a very lazy dancer. The girl dancing in the shower cubical had her bikini on the whole time but can still dance pretty good.

The show is still so bad that stupid lesbian act is so lame its beyond belief. The owners should head to Soi Cowboys Suzie Wong Go-Go Bar and see what a good show looks like. There is a big improvement in some of the new dancers they have but some of the older ones should be sent packing down to a beer bar. The waitresses still look at you to much and will check your drink, not good.

Spankys Go-Go Bar 4/10.

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