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Nana Plaza’s Belly

When you walk into Nana Plaza its right into the belly you will feel a rush of excitement especially if it’s your first visit with all the bright lights you look up but it will all look a bit overwhelming eventually your eyes will settle on the Nana Beer Garden right in the middle of Nana Plaza and if that is broken then the Plaza appears broken. During the low season Soi Cowboy is the best spot for tourist as it is steady all year round with all the bright lights and the gogo dancers filling the Soi. The Nana Beer Garden is like a horror show at times very uninviting to have a drink with grandmothers working inside (that's no joke) sprinkled with a few women in their early 30’s. Now think about it if a bargirl has been working since their early 20's and they are now around 50 then why are they still working in the bar industry and never snapped up by some guy in the West or saved enough to be gone? Wrong attitude, bad personality or just an all round loser so no wonder during the low season the Nana Beer Garden isn't very appealing…..

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