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Mandarin Tabletop Dancing | Nana Plaza

Mandarin Bar - Nana PlazaOn the middle floor of Nana Plaza is the Mandarin Bar and is located next to the Mercury Bar and Mandarin Go-Go Bar The Mandarin Bar boasts they have tabletop dancing and true to their words all the women are dancing on tables there are six tables and most have 4 very attractive women dancing and wearing bikinis I just take a seat at the first table so can see what is going on. I get a beer which cost 155฿. The music is very loud here but I don't really care it all fits with the atmosphere of the Mandarin Tabletop Dancing Bar.

Thai woman bikiniAfter watching the women dance at my table they where ok but I noticed the best dancer is on another table so I move and sit right by where she is dancing, she seems to know what has happened and proceeds to put a show right in my face this all lasted for about 10 min's until it was shift change time and in less than a minute she was on my lap……..sh.t hot…. :)

What a great body so toned and 24 yrs old…. I think that I gave here so much face within the bar when I moved most of the dancers were watching since the majority of people just sit their like stunned mullets wherever they land then leave.

I guess its drink buying time, a lady drink is 140฿ for a Coke or 180฿ for spirits, the girls a keeper she only wants a Coke. I wont go through the conversation with her but it was all mainly about why did you move and come sit near me? And me going on about she's a great dancer and the hottest chick here blah blah blah you get the drift. I cant emphasize enough how hot her body was and here she is all over me.

The only uncomfortable part was the staff coming over asking if I want to barfine her now, which is the correct thing to do with this sort of reaction get her out the bar and go to have fun.. So what did I do?????? HA HA lets just say I'm glad that I only had one beer.

The Mandarin Tabletop Dancing Bar at Nana Plaza Bangkok is well worth a visit try to have the balls if you see someone you like just get up and move you wont regret it especially if you have made plans to barfine someone tonight.

If you like Mandarin Tabletop Dancing Bar then also have a look at the Bangkok Bunnies Go-Go Bar, Erotica Go-Go Bar and the Mercury Go-Go Bar as you wont be disappointed with the selection of dancers working at any of these bars especially if you have made plans to barfine someone tonight.

Mandarin Tabletop Dancing Bar 7/10

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