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London Calling Bar | Nana Plaza

On the ground floor of Nana Plaza Bangkok is the London Calling Go-Go Bar now here we have a freak show with all its glory when I arrived there where a group of very attractive dancers out front.

London Calling Nana Plaza

Inside London Calling which is large and has a square dance floor that have about 20 dancers on stage I take a seat by the dance floor and look up at the most ugliest group in white bikinis I have seen on my travels around the bars of Bangkok there is no sign of any dicks through the bikinis so I ask my waitress if they’re are women and she assures me they are.

Ok then not to be rude and just walk out I order a Tiger Light at 165฿ and take another look, nah these frrrrs are dudes HA HA I’m drawing a lot of attention from them since most people are sitting as far away as possible and here I am perched right by the dance floor.

When my drink arrives I ask again this time she talks to one of the dancers who flashes me and true to form no dick but a mutilated ball sack with a hole drilled in the middle.

All is not lost as I look over in the corner where there is a shower cubical and notice 2 very attractive women having a shower and are naked therefore in 0.000001 seconds I move to the shower cubical and the dancers put on a good show, they’re not shy at all.

After about 4 song the dudes finish dancing then it's the turn of the attractive women they had out front, again about 20 dancers on stage this time wearing red tops but I must admit to spending most my time watching the women in the shower cubical they also had a shift change where you can watch them undress then proceed to have a real shower and a bit of a dance.

I found the women a lot of fun as they came over after the shower and fooled around a bit not asking for a drink… but I did have a waitress ask if I wanted to buy anyone of the lady's a drink, to deflect that I just ask how much is a barfine here? 700฿…. All the dudes with the holes drilled up their ball sack left me alone once they could see I wasn't Interested.

I found the music here very good and London Calling would be a good bar to visit if you ore on holiday and want to check out the Bangkok Nightlife, it has everything, the action in the shower is so good when they have girls that are up for some fun inside and a bonus is they get naked.

They have a show that kicks off on the hour mark which was ok but nothing like Suzie Wong's at Soi Cowboy.

As long as you know what is going on in regard to the regular dancers and the ladyboys just ignore any unwanted attention from which ever side you’re not interested in then you should enjoy London Calling,

London Calling Go-Go Bar 6½/10.

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