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An Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong & Pattaya…

DejaVu Go-Go Bar | Soi Cowboy

An easy bar to find within Soi Cowboy is the DejaVu Go-Go Bar which is located opposite the Rawhide Go-Go Bar. There is always plenty of dancers out front taking a break.

I enter DejaVu Go-Go Bar which is large inside the dance floor is T shaped and could hold about 15 dancers comfortably, there are 6 Coyote Dancers up dancing when I entered and all looked pretty good one in particular, I would have no hesitation barfining there and then.

DeJavu Soi CowboyThere are about 5 customers inside one guy has a dancer over having a drink. I did notice that she sat on his lap for a while dancing happily to the music, good luck to him for the price of a lady drink 240฿ It looks well worth it.

Here they have some larger women that they call hostesses and will come to have a drink with you. So stuff it I haven't seen this set up before, so I get one of the bargirls over for a drink a beer cost 200฿ and a drink for her is 200฿ therefore it’s cheaper than buying the dancers a drink.

She is about 20 kg heavier than the women dancing and would be around 30 yrs old plus has the same story that I have heard so often and here it is…… 2 kids to a Thai guy who has hit the road years ago and never to be seen again… Of course if she suddenly won the lottery I’m sure he would show himself again HA HA or in Thai style 555+.

I ask how much it is to barfine someone here and was told that it is 800฿ for her, the boss doesn't want the Coyote Dancers barfined as he wants then just dancing and entertaining the customers at the tables and what I saw when there, that there is some very good dancers here and they do interact well with the customers it's a pity DejaVu isn't busyer as then they would have more women up dancing and I'm sure this place would light up.

I look over, and that guy has bought her another drink and she's still on his lap. There is a 3000฿ barfine in place to discourage customers from taking the Coyote Dancers from the bar.

Another strange thing that happened here at Soi Cowboys DejaVu Go-Go Bar was when I got my change from paying the bill 2 of the older bar staff asked for a small tip, it all was friendly stuff but I haven't come across this when leaving any bar before.

DejaVu Go-Go Bar - Soi Cowboy 5/10.

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