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Soi Cowboy Bangkok

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MenuAn Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy & Patpong.

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Cocktail Club GoGo | Soi Cowboy

The Cocktail Club is an easy place to miss as you stroll down Soi Cowboy Bangkok since you will be more than likely be busy looking at the dancers out front the DejaVu go-go bar. The Cocktail Club is small but very modern and well designed with a small dance floor in the middle which had 4 dancers on the stage.

Cocktail Club - Soi CowboyOne dancer out of the four was extremely good and put on a good show when she finished her set she was over like a shot wanting a drink so she left a bit disappointed when I declined but I already had one of the women over that are wearing black dresses… again black dresses just the same as at the Sahara Bar.

Here at the Cocktail Club I am pretty sure they have 1 or 2 ladyboys in the mix therefore extreme care needs to be taken.

The bargirl I had a drink with was adamant that there’re no ladyboys here but I know from my time here in Bangkok that if a ladyboy has had the chop that in their mind they’re a woman but to me there always a dude.

Back to the dancers now they have five up dancing and two are as good as the best dancers at Patpong which was a big surprise, the go-go dancers when taking a break stay inside it's the women in black that head out into Soi Cowboy so who knew they had such a good line-up of dancers here at the Cocktail Club without going inside but more than likely I was just looking at the women out the front of DejaVu.

The lady that I was having a drink with was very hands on and seemed to be encouraging it but I was here for the long hall at Soi Cowboy and didn't want to get stuck at the first bar that I entered.

I have heard mixed reports about the quality of the dancers dancing but I can only go on what I have seen tonight and it's all good.

Before 9 pm a beer is 90฿ then after 9 pm a beer will set you back 150฿ a lady's drink is 160฿ and if you wish to barfine someone it will cost you 600฿.

The music was loud but you could still have conversation without straining to hear what they are saying.

The Cocktail Club Soi Cowboy 6/10. Name change to Crazy Cat.