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Bangkok Nightlife Soi Cowboy

Bangkok Nightlife

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Chinatown Bangkok

No matter where I am on this planet I normally gravitate to Chinatown for shopping and of course eating. Bangkok has been different since I’ve been more interested in Thai Culture than making my way into Chinatown. My favorite Chinatowns are in San Francisco and Melbourne where you can sit at an aging restaurant and eat food that’s for me better than anything served at so called high class restaurants. Here in Bangkok you get a different experience. Visually Bangkok’s Chinatown is very eye catching which is worth the trip on its own, just to take in the view and soak up the atmosphere. There are less sit in restaurants than I would have expected. Of the ones I did see these mostly looked a bit on the higher price range. Not my scene as I felt like I’d need to change into something more suitable.

Chinatown Bangkok Seafood

Chinatown Bangkok Seafood

Bangkok’s Chinatown is teaming with street stalls along Yaowarat Road. Take a seat down one of the Soi’s, order some drinks whilst waiting on your food which is being cooked to order. The seafood is a big hit here in Chinatown … Fresh! I have experienced this in Manila albeit I dined indoors. Choose from prawns the size of your hand to lobsters of many sizes. Next up is to pick your vegetables and before you know it you will be tucking into some of the freshest seafood you have ever had. The whole idea of sitting outside with all the smell of cooking and the atmosphere for me beats any high class restaurant for a good night out. I’d go as far as saying if you don’t agree then you might just be in the snob category.

I never noticed any bars as I wondered along Yaowarat Road. I wouldn’t have been the least bit interested anyway as for me Chinatown is all about food. The demographic of the people at Chinatown ranged from all ages when it came to tourists. For Thai’s it was more in the 20’s bracket. There’s nothing more to say that watching the video doesn’t cover … Chinatown Bangkok.

This website isn’t just stuck on its name of BarNewsBangkok … I’ll do movie reviews if I ever feel like it, which is 99% not going to happen. Same with YouTube I’ll post what I want when I want. I’m not tied to a brand although the main focus will always be Gogo Bars in Bangkok then eventually beyond.

When I have entered Soi 4 Nana of late, the beer bars up to Nana Plaza have been busy. There’s a real atmosphere which must drag people into Soi 4 that are just passing by. On Monday night the Golden Bar had 3 or 4 bargirls that you just know would be a lot of fun to drop a load inside. These chicks wont be pillow f.cks either, they’ll flip you over and give you a mighty ride. Then on Wednesday night when I passed the Golden Bar, the bargirls that are in the must bang bracket weren’t present … Which means just keep on walking.

The Rest Hub 2 Bar was lively again. I had a good look at a couple of the bargirls who have a certain nicety to them. I’m sure if you treat them right that with a bit of luck they will blow your mind between the sheets. As you walk along Soi 4 from near Hooters to the Rest Hub 2 Bar you will pass plenty of freelancers. Several are better than most of the bargirls that you will find in a beer bar. These women don’t look as hardened as the freelancers that frequented Soi 4 Nana a few years ago. Care though has to be taken when dealing with freelancers … Don’t get pissed!

At Nana Plaza Billboard was rocking on Wednesday night. I noticed plenty of trim gogo dancers inside that will light up anyone's night out. The Jacuzzi was as busy as ever. You could spend your whole night around that Jacuzzi. Butterflies is another bar that has been lively of late and is always worth a look especially if you want some company for the night. The Enter Bar also on the top floor of Nana Plaza has its moments when they get a crowd. The shower cubicle is a winner.

There is a new video of Soi 4 Nana on YouTube this week. Why is that relevant? As I was standing at the entrance to Soi 4, I noticed a ladyboy about to cross Soi 4.I was sure I could see a sack of potatoes from behind. By the time the camera was fired up they had begun to cross the road. I’m only guessing but it appears that the ladyboy is self conscious that her balls might be on display that their hand is trying to distract from the view. You can see the happy couple here in the first 20 seconds Soi 4 Nana Bangkok.

Sukhumvit Soi 21

Sukhumvit Soi 21

Soi Cowboy felt good this week although not as busy as the bar owners would like. The Rawhide gogo dancers were back outside their bar doing a good job getting people inside. The bars that spring up at night as you walk along the Sukhumvit Soi 21 footpath to the entrance of Soi Cowboy, have some decent looking bargirls working at them. Since their job is to get laid I’d say there are several nice looking f.cks on offer. Keep your wits about yourself then you could be banging all night for a 1000 Baht. If they don’t dig you then you have no chance at that price.

Patpong on Friday night was relatively busy. The surprise for me was seeing Shenanigans in full swing. They really have done a number on this bar. With the layout and the look of the overall theme (Irish Pub) is excellent. Who could have believed that there was that much space behind those walls. It makes the failed attempt of the Shark Bar Patpong more beyond belief. They obviously didn’t have a clue how to make that bar work. The Shenanigans Pub will be a big hit in Patpong.

Shenanigans Patpong

Shenanigans Patpong

Both Bada Bing, Glamour and the Pink Panther were all doing okay. This can’t be said about The Strip who just had a couple of customers inside. The dancers did look disinterested with the lack of action.

Kings Corner had several hot dancers on show. Fit, lean and a couple with back tattoos means it’s pretty hard to just walk by. The Kiss Bar had a two larger women on stage. If breasts are your main form of getting your rocks off then these chicks will do. The Thigh Bar had one dancer that looked to have above average natural looking breasts. Friday night ended up being a breast night. It’s best to mix it up when its on tap.