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Charades Bar | Nana Plaza

Located on the top floor of Nana Plaza is Charades Bar one of Bangkok's most well known ladyboy bars. When you enter Charades you notice straight away it’s large and they have filled the space well with a large dance floor set in what appear to be boulders to give the appearance that you are in a cave that's the impression I had.

Charades Nana Plaza

The bench seats are on the RHS and are tiered like in a stadium. There were around ten ladyboys dancing and another five wondering around until I walked in, now its play the pick me game again which I just ignored until I ordered a drink 150฿ for a whiskey, I'm getting to know the game at Ladyboy bars now its time to look at the who’s who in this zoo.

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First up I have a look at the bar staff there are a few horrors and can be quite pushy wanting a drink when you finally have a drink with one of the dancers.

Now to the ladyboys all in their bikinis and out of the fifteen I'm looking at around five you can tell are 100% a dude, seven of them you need to look twice then you know they’re a ladyboy so that leaves three that from 10 ft away look like women one in particular looked all woman no breast implants and has all the curves in the right spots, we have a winner and I call her over, she actually seemed really surprised getting picked and at 160฿ a lady drink it’s well worth it to have a chat.

Charades Nana Plaza Bangkok

If I ever saw her on the BTS Skytrain then I would think she is a regular Thai lady at around 155 cm. The first question that I asked was how old she was and I really was expecting the game to be over with some dudes voice talking back at me but no it was female as she said 23, Impressive.

Now feeling like a hero that I might have picked the only real female in Charades I said your breasts are real which they where she said yeah I take hormones …. F meee … ok so you got a d..k then? Of coarse the answer was yes.

Charades also has a Jacuzzi at the back of the dance floor which was being filled with bubbles when I was there, but no one jumped in. Music was only coming out of one speaker which does take a lot away from songs being played, everything sounds better in stereo.

A barfine is 700฿, with the wide selection of dancers here and you’re into ladyboys then you should find one to your liking.

Charades Bar Nana Plaza Bangkok 6/10.