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King’s Corner | Patpong

One of the oldest bars in Patpong 1 King’s Corner Go-Go Bar is a good place to go if you want to experience an old traditional go-go bar with a twist as it’s a mix of women and ladyboys. Therefore I would watch how much you have to drink or you might wake up in the morning with a rude surprise.

King’s Corner Go-Go Bar is a good size with a well designed dance floor which can hold about 14 dancers. This place is packed with tourists of all nationality's, as I entered there was about 10 women up dancing and I was ushered over to the bar with the other westerners HA HA. Sitting around the dance floor there was Chinese couples here on holiday laughing it up having a great time.

It really stood out how they placed every nationality into their own section, this didn't bother me as I actually found it quite humorous. After about 4 Songs the ladyboys get up and dance, now to me this place is more of a tourist attraction, you have the Patpong Night Market out front where you can buy just about anything then come in and have a drink whilst watching the Go-Go Dancers.

When the ladyboys get up and dance you can see the Chinese tourists especially the women are very intrigued with what's going on. Once the real women get back dancing the ladyboys do walk around looking for someone to buy them a drink, just be polite and they will move on when they see your are not interested.

Go-Go DancerThere are some very attractive women here and they can dance well so you wont be disappointed, the music is very loud but it didn't really bother me like other Go-Go Bars where you actually want to talk with one of the woman, here I found it more interesting just watching what's happening within the bar.

Drinks are 150฿ and ladydrinks are 200฿ which is a bit pricey so I wouldn't buy anyone a drink unless you are really keen on her, if that's the case then barfine her quick.

I didn’t get the barfine price as the music was way too loud when trying to find out.

King’s Corner Go-Go Bar 6/10

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