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Live Music

If you frequent Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy or Patpong and you’re after some live music then here's a look at what is close-by. Some people go for different reasons mine is to hear good music and to listen to songs that I know. If they can rip into some AC/DC then I'm sticking around.

If it’s loud music you want then head to Soi Cowboy and The Corner Bar you will get it but at a price. The band is poor, you will be hounded by bargirls plus the bar is rougher than most. This might be right up a lot of peoples ally where they can really let lose and have a night to remember. I guarantee you wont remember the band.

The Country Road Bar for me is disappointing, the songs are tailored more towards couples. They have some decent enough looking bargirls who do get into the songs but they should drive most single guys out the door. It was actually so bad that I went and sat outside. I just happened to chat with someone who had never been to Soi Cowboy. He asked, is this a gay bar? The answer is no but I can see where someone might think so. The bargirls could be a bit of fun which is lucky, just hangout where the band is playing and fantasize that you have a girlfriend, now you might have a good night out…..

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