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MenuAn Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy & Patpong.

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Lighthouse Gogo Bar | Soi Cowboy

The Lighthouse Go-Go Bar located opposite the Cowboy 2 Bar. This can be the busiest section of Soi Cowboy due to the amount of gogo dancers usually standing within Soi Cowboy. The outside bar at the Lighthouse is a good size and is usually frequented by long term expats just hanging around having a few drinks. Expats do take the gloss off a bar for tourists who are after a good time. It all just feels like too much like guy’s bonding. Soi Cowboy should be all about having a bit of fun with women! Not guy on guy action like you find at the Lighthouse.

Lighthouse Bangkok

The Lighthouse Gogo Bar

The Lighthouse is set over two levels with a glass ceiling allowing you to see the dancers upstairs. On the ground floor there is a long narrow dance floor that holds around 18 dancers and is surrounded by comfortable tiered bench seats. I was surprised how well designed the upstairs gogo bar area is. For me it looks more like a VIP area with a glass dance floor and more than comfortable seating … I have never seen the top floor in operation but it certainly looked good empty. The Lighthouse for me needs a change in direction so they can fill the ground floor gogo bar area then they might be able to take advantage of the top floor.

Lately the gogo area has been quiet as whenever I have had look inside there have only been a handful of customers. A lady drink is 160 Baht but if they want a soda then it’s 120 Baht. At the Lighthouse they have a tiered barfine system which can be a bit confusing for tourists on their first trip to any gogo bar. Some dancers are 600 Baht and others are around the 1200 Baht mark. You’d better ask first if you are interested in one of the dancers as you don’t want to pay the high end of the barfine range.

The Lighthouse is one of these bars that looks good when you go inside but is lacking on many aspects for Tourists. Especially if they want to have a good time with the dancers … You just don’t feel like you can let loose and have a wild night within the bar. For genuine tourists the Lighthouse cannot compete with the likes of Cowboy 2, Baccara or the Kiss Bar (Saturday Night) when it comes to the ‘WOW’ factor of watching gogo dancers in full swing.

If you are after a more hands-on night out then check out The Dollhouse, Lucky Star, Toy Bar. The Lighthouse has the infrastructure but needs a change in direction if they want to have any real impact within Soi Cowboy.

The Lighthouse Soi Cowboy … 5/10.