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Kings Castle 2 | Patpong

Next door to Kings Castle 1 in Patpong 1 is Kings Castle 2 so what could the difference be as both bars look identical from the outside but when I entered I spotted the difference straight away and that is they have a group of dancers that are older than at Kings Castle 1. There were around 14 dancers on stage and half I would say are over 30 but there is a twist to this and that is they are fit and lean.

Kings Castle 2 Patpong

Kings Castle 2 - GoGo Dancers

There were three dancers in their early 20’s but I didn't give them a second look as the older dancers ruled this stage it really is hard to believe that some of these chicks have a couple of kids as did the dancer in the picture who can really dance and it was hard to take my eye off her.

I got her a drink which costs 200 Baht at Kings Castle 2 my Tiger Beer was 150 Baht and if you intend on barfining someone then that will set you back 600 Baht. I had all my questions answered without having to repeat myself as she had a good grasp of the English language which is always a big plus when you get any dancer over for a drink. Now the main purpose of buying anyone a drink is to find out how much everything costs and learn a bit about the bar but not tonight my main purpose was to check out that body and I'm talking sh.t hot firm, enough said.

Most dancers are after 3000 Baht if you plan on taking them out but this is negotiable just make sure you sort the price out before you even consider paying the barfine, really it should take only a couple of minutes to come to an agreement, just don't be a prick about it.

Kings Castle 2 was half full when I entered but had a steady stream of customers the music is good and you don't need strain to hear when you’re having a conversation.

You have the best of both worlds next door to each other just head to Kings Castle 1 if you’re into the under 25’s and Kings Castle 2 if you like your women a bit older.

Kings Castle 2 - 7½/10.

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