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EQ Late Night Club | Bangkok

The EQ Late Night Club is just a short walk from Nana Plaza making it such a good spot to go after you have had your fill of gogo bars or beer bars and is open from 11pm to 5am. Now you wont have to deal with any taxi drivers trying to stumble your way to another Bangkok nightclub since there is one right here in Sukhumvit Soi 4 Nana. The EQ Late Night Club is a good size with a bar area at both ends and a stage on the LHS with either 3 or 4 dancers doing there stuff which makes for a good change from the gogo bar scene.

EQ Late Night Club Bangkok

DJ Honey G - Impressive

You can sit in comfort at one of the booths or on one of the stools where you will have a good view of the women dancing. Being a nightclub most people prefer to stand and with the women on offer you will have a lot of fun dancing to the beat with whoever is your new friend for the night the added bonus here is if you hit it off with one of the chicks then you can leave together without having to pay a barfine.

The music very good at EQ and you will notice once you really listen that they have one of the best sound systems in Bangkok and put that in the hands of a DJ that really knows their stuff then you can’t be nothing else but impressed.

At EQ the entrance fee is 200 Baht for guys and women are 100 Baht. There is an open bar from 11 am until 1 am … beer/whiskey or whatever you're into and if you come after 1 am then there is a free drink included in the entrance fee. (Check their flyers for any changes).

I do need repeat myself here, there is no barfine so do yourself a favor if its late at night and in a you’re up for some fun then head into EQ with no barfine making it a cheaper option than the beer bars where you will pay a barfine, I'm sure you will find someone who you’re into. The Coyote Dancers don't go with customers so just ask if you have any doubt.

If you want to get away from the music and have a decent conversation with someone then just head to one of the bars at either end where you wont have to strain to hear.

The staff and all the waiters are all friendly adding to the atmosphere already inside the club so if you’re into a nightclub scene or a place where you can party late into the night in Bangkok then the EQ Late Night Club is an enjoyable spot to hang out if busy.

EQ Late Night Club Bangkok … 6/10.

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