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It’s a F.cking Dude!

I hadn’t been out to a New Years Celebration for many a year. Seven in fact for various reasons. One is I’m not into hanging with drunks plus there is too much pissed male on male stuff. I prefer to be banging leading up to midnight and beyond. Lets make it a night not to forget in a hurry. It might seem a bit mental to some people but … if you really think about it, with all the hot women here in Bangkok … It’s more mental not to be bringing the New Year in with a BANG!

This New Years I did my banging early so I could see how other people get off these days. Onething I will say straight of the bat is how surprised I was to see that there was no obnoxious drunks at both locations. My last night out for New Years was in Melbourne where you felt like you had to be on guard since there were pissed pricks everywhere. Hopefully that has changed over there. First up was Soi Cowboy with just over an hour before midnight. You could definitely feel something in the air. Good atmosphere with plenty of gogo dancers standing within Soi Cowboy. A picture speaks a thousand words … Screw that watch the Video!

Soi Cowboy

I found the inside of Nana Plaza to be subdued for a New Years celebration with just 20 min’s before midnight. Although still busy it felt like a normal Saturday night and not New Years Eve. The bars might have been busy inside but that’s the last place I wanted to be bringing in the New Years. I’ve got to be outside therefore I headed out to Soi 4. See the Video below.

Soi 4 Nana

The Chili Bar ladyboys that stand at the bottom of the stairs hold a placard promoting their bar are usually good natured. They know the drill if someone does decide to take a snap especially Japanese guys. I spotted a couple of Japanese guys stop to take a picture of the ladyboys. Three never had a problem but the fourth got pissed off! Mmmm why didn’t it just piss off out of the shot? This f.cker is supposed to be promoting their bar. I looked on and thought that is not a ladyboy! It’s a dude in a dress. If a ladyboy is going to let their balls drop on the ground floor of Nana Plaza then they are just an aggressive gay guy! My understanding about ladyboys is they genuinely believe they are a woman that was born in a mans body. This Ladyboy isn’t a woman in a mans body! He’s just a gay guy trying to get into the ladyboy scene. This makes the Chili Bar not the most tourist friendly spot for tourists that are into ladyboys. You just know this guy is going to be aggressive if things dont go his way. I must admit that I have never seen a ladyboy fire up like that within Nana Plaza in the past. The tourists just kept on walking in the direction of the Obsessions Ladyboy Bar. Your Loss Chili Bar.

Playskool Nana Plaza

Playskools New Outside Bar | Nana Plaza

The Playskool renovations were almost complete within the outside bar. I took this picture just before New Years. Cool spot to have a drink if you’re into people watching. You do get a prime view of the Nana Beer Garden and London Calling next door. You can always get lucky and see some freaky stuff. Playskool is an all woman gogo bar therefore head on in and enjoy yourself.

Whilst at Soi Cowboy I ran into the owner of the Shark Bar who passed on that they had changed the beer prices at the Shark Bar in Patpong. A Tiger Light is now below 150 Baht. It’s rare for me to go back to a bar so soon after a bad review but … that’s a decent move in the right direction and since I do need to get something from the Night Market next week therefore I will check on the Patpong Shark Bar.

I had a closer look at what was going on at Crazy House Bangkok on New Years Eve. There was a 200 Baht entrance fee. The door people just had a basket where you drop the cash then you enter. Last night (Sat) when I passed everything was back to normal … No Entry Fee.