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Thai Dating Sites | Bangkok Thailand

Not that I have ever used a Thai Dating Site, yeah right you're thinking but I know a few girls that have. Mmm where do I know them from? There is no Thai bar worker insight.

Thai Women

Before you decide to sign up to any dating site do it for the right reason. Don't do it so you can use women whilst you’re here on your vacation. If you genuinely want a relationship with a Thai woman then cool. There are a few risks involved since more than a few bargirls, ex or not will be using the site as well. If that bothers you as it would most people then you’d better figure out how to weed the bargirls out by picking up on the warning signs.

Here in Thailand they don't have Social Security so be smart. Where does she get her money from if she says she doesn't have a job?

Warning Signs

A lot of things are innocent and can be explained. If you don't get a decent answer then do yourself a favor and move on as there's plenty of good women out there.

Don't Become a Sponsor!!!

The last thing that you want to happen on your trip here in Thailand is fall for a woman. Especially when you know that your only way of sustaining a relationship is to send her money every month. Then see her once a year when you have holidays. What a nightmare!!

Realize what it is, just a great holiday. Don't become a Sponsor especially when you have no means to live here and have to go back to your home country and work. Don't think just because you come to Thailand/Bangkok once a year that's she's your girl since you’re sending money every month, you're just a Sponsor!!!!!!!! Period, no doubt about it.

And what about the poor Suckers that get married and then live back in  their home country leaving her behind WOW! What a sap, maybe his mother wont let him have a normal life since he still lives with his parents in his 40's/50's HA HA Mmm should I laugh? They think they have a family because she's got 2 kids to some Thai guy who hit the road years ago……oh him have good heart equals Sponsor.

I just had a woman on a dating forum say that a man has to be a sponsor to my child. HA HA these are the women to avoid….Get the kids father to look after them. Don't chase some poor prick in the west who still lives with his parents and is in his 40’s.

Its funny: Sponsors don't want to hear this and bad Thai women don't want it told. There's plenty of good Thai women out there. Learn how to weed out the bad. Get your head screwed on to the right way of thinking and then you will enjoy your holiday all that much more.