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Coyote Duds

For those that read last weeks column. I mentioned there was another customer in the bar that I was having a drink at within Soi Twilight. This guy had never been to Bangkok and where does he end up but at a gay bar. After I had done my I’m not gay routine to every human within the bar, he then does the same. Although I wasn't going to disbelief him I was still a bit wary. After a few beers I had decided he was telling the truth. Now to his sad story, he just arrived this morning from the UK and hadn’t touched a woman in 4 long long months. On a previous trip to Cambodia he hooked up with a woman and this is where the 4 months comes in. He had been back in England working and sending her money every month to support her and her son. FFS I could go on a major rant here. He explains that he broke off with her because she had spent £2400 of his. So I asked did you have a bank account in Cambodia? No… he sent it to her because she asked, FFS…. What did he think she was going to do with it? Thai chicks are going to love this guy mid 30s not overweight with money to burn for the next 2 weeks, then he will be broke.

Now for some fun, he wants a woman so lets hit some bars. Sh.t hot as I haven't let loose in a while and after hanging out in a gay bar for a couple of hours I need some female company. Right Now!!! I can remember the first ladyboy bar I ever reviewed which was the Cockatoo Bar in Soi Cowboy, well I really let loose that night at several bars where the women were right up for some fun.

This will be different as tonight I intend to go hard not just walk-in, see if the dancers can dance, are they attractive, get the prices, check the music and the general feel of the bar. This is go in and hopefully pick the right chick or chicks and have some real fun. She should be straddled on your lap by the first drink. Many bars have dancers / bargirls that go that extra mile. I just hope the women tonight are up for it. You have to remember we are in Bangkok and although I call them dancers lets have some reality here, tonight I’m with a guy who has traveled a long way to drop his 4 months load. Money isn’t an option. Who wants it?

Now luckily Patpong is just across the road so that's the destination for tonight. I have hit one bar to the max at Patpong 2 and that was Black Pagoda who passed with flying colors. The two women I spent my time with weren't just going through the motion they were genuinely horny. Lets see if I can get any more bars within Patpong to pass the test.

First up we head to the Thigh Bar for a warm-up, just to see what this guy is into (Lets give him a name…Fred will do). We sit on the sofas by the dance floor and look up at the dancers who do look pretty good this close up. All were early 20’s and as we got talking he had the same feel as me late 20's is more both our style. Although the Thigh Bar isn’t going to be put through their paces tonight. I have witnessed more than one guy with a woman on his lap being grinded like there is no tomorrow and his hand were in free roam mode.

Now the fun begins. Next up is Kings Castle 2 and what a great selection of dancers they have on stage tonight, fit, sexy and the all important for us a bit older than the dancers at the Thigh Bar. The speakers are belting out the tunes which really ads to the atmosphere for tonight. Whilst waiting for our beer I look up at the dancers and spot the woman in the picture above who was in the snake show at The Strip but now she's dancing at Kings Castle 2. Fit body, good personality and a very sexy dancer this is a no brainer. I call her over for a drink. Fred is already waving one of the dancers with tattoos. He lets me know that he's right into tattoos on women. She's hot and isn't shy as she cuddles right up with him.