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The Dollhouse Agogo | Classic Bar

The first time I ever went to Soi Cowboy I was just like most first time visitors being awestruck by the neon lights and the amount of gogo dancers standing within the Soi. The plan was to walk to the end and then walk back, just trying to take it all in. Everything was going to plan until I spotted The Dollhouse with a gogo dancer dancing within the outside bar. I just had to stop and have a drink. Here you can sit back relax and just take in the sights.

The strange thing is, It wasn't until I decided to start this website that I went inside the gogo bar area for the first time. To me the outside bar was so cool. I thought what could I be missing? Lets see, a well laid out bar and dance floor that rotates at one end and with a group of hot dancers in bikinis that are ready for some fun especially if you show any interest in their direction, that’s a start.

One thing that struck me is The Dollhouse is very tourist friendly from the waitresses to the gogo dancers which really adds to the atmosphere of the bar. Now to the best part before you know it all the dancers will be in their birthday suits. HA HA so this is what I was missing out on, the chick that was outside is up on stage naked, all I can say is sh.t hot.

Don't think it ends here, if you’ve had enough of the gogo area then you can go back outside or head upstairs for some tabletop dancing yeah that’s write tabletop dancing. The Dollhouse just gets better. This is where you can have a drink and getup close and personal, just look up FFS. If you are in a group you can have a lot of fun.

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