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MenuAn Honest Review of Bars @ Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy & Patpong.

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Cactus Gogo Bar | Soi Cowboy

The Cactus Bar is an easy bar to miss as you walk along Soi Cowboy but what a surprise you get when enter the Cactus Bar for the first time. You will see mainly naked go-go dancers!! Albeit some of the dancers are 10kg heavier than the dancers at Crazy House Bangkok and The Dollhouse. The regular dancers are also several years older. Therefore if you like your ladys a bit bigger then you should enjoy yourself. The younger gogo dancers that you will see out front the Cactus Bar when inside dancing they keep their clothes on.

Cactus Bar Soi Cowboy

Cactus Bar Soi Cowboy

The Cactus Bar has an outside bar where you have a good view of the Tilac Bar and and the Toy Bar is next door which can be entertaining at times just sitting back and enjoying the veiw.

Inside there is a long narrow dance floor that would hold 8 dancers confortably tonight there are 4 up dancing all naked no full on erotic dancing but still ok. The coyote dancers look good and although fully clothed you may find that you will be watching them ahead of the naked dancers.

The music was good. When I entered I was more interested in the women dancing but then the songs ripped into The Rolling Stones so the whole atmosphere changed. Thai chicks do look so good getting into Brown Sugar on the dance floor.

The Cactus Bar has an American feel. Which is a good change from the other smaller bars. A beer cost 135 Baht and if you take one of the ladys from the bar then it will cost you 600 Baht.

All the staff are pleasant so I cant see anything hindering you from having a good night at the Cactus Bar. Unless ofcourse you’re offended by naked women! Which would be just plain and simple ... Weird!

The Cactus Bar Soi Cowboy... 6/10